Swatting is one of the problems a streamer has to deal with while playing games live on the internet. However, the web trolls seemed to have stepped up their game with the recent incident involving Guy Beahm who’s popularly known by his online moniker – DrDisRespect. That said, a number of known personalities have reacted to this as they are all in unison in condemning such deed.

The famed Twitch streamer’s recent broadcast showed him trying out “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s” Blackout battle royale mode.

The stream was cut short when the Doc went offscreen as he felt that’s something’s wrong.

The streamer returned minus the wig and shades and pretty much rattled.

Per the Doc, he stated that someone shot at their house adding that it left a broken window upstairs. He then went beast mode as he pointed out on stream that it was the second time it happened as a similar incident occurred a day prior.

The streamer also stated that the shooter was driving by before cussing at the troll and ending the stream. Thankfully, no one was hurt in DrDisRespect’s family.

The community condemns it

The gaming community, the Doc’s fans, and even some well-known personalities have condemned the recent shooting. Fellow streamer and ”Fortnite” player Ninja already reached out to the Doc and sent his best wishes.

FaZe Banks took to Twitter to do the same thing and expressed his disgust with what just happened.

Boogie saw it

YouTuber Boogie2988, on the other hand, tweeted that he saw the drive-by shooting at DrDisRespect’s house adding that he literally saw the scumbag a gun at the streamer’s home.

He even suggested that the Doc should invest in some high-end security cameras and went on hoping that the person responsible will be locked up for life.

A warning on chat?

In line with this, some keen-eyed fan also noticed a couple of comments in the chat box that seems to warn the Doc about what’s going to happen. @JoshEdgley even posted a screenshot over on Twitter showing these messages adding that the comments were sent 30 seconds before the shooting happened. It can also be seen in the snapshot that the gunshots already caught the Doc’s attention.

Keemstar’s DramaAlert also covered the story and believes that these trolls were just getting some reaction from DrDisRespect’s stream adding that these people are playing a very dangerous game. He went on stating that he’s almost certain that the people behind it will be arrested.

Meanwhile, the Doc made a follow-up tweet stating that the situation was handled appropriately and thanked everyone who wished him and his family well. He also announced in the tweet that he’ll be back on his regular streaming schedule.