Dr DisRespect and Shroud are just two of the best "PUBG" players lately and they showcase their skills over on Twitch. That said, it looks like PUBG Corporation has something prepped up for these two if the datamined files are anything to go by.

Skin-Tracker.com has recently dug deep into "PUBG's" game files and discovered some interesting finds that are likely to arrive in the battle royale shooter. A total of seven soon-to-be-released cosmetics have been unearthed including Doc and Shroud-themed weapon skins.

It can be recalled that a few days ago, Doc sent out an ultimatum to Bluehole Studio to put a Doc skin in the game or he'll never play the shooter ever again.

He even tweeted out his demand to the game developer as he counts down the days as to whether Bluehole meets the deadline or he ditches the game for good.

As mentioned, the South Korean game maker may well have heeded the call as the skins (including Shroud's) were spotted within the game files. However, some game buffs believe that the streamer may have already known about it and could have just created a bit of a drama out of it to stack up the hype. Upon learning the news, the Doc took to Twitter once again to have it made known that the devs have finally given in to his demand and confirmed the skins are coming to "PUBG."

Riggles' response

Dr DisRespect fans, on the other hand, were totally hyped about the news despite the fact that there are some who were a bit riled up with his recent antics.

Some "PUBG" fans were also a bit worried about the upcoming cosmetics' pricing as they expressed their concerns over on the game's subreddit. However, PUBG Corp.'s Communications Lead - u/PUBG_Riggles seemed to be debunking such concerns as he responded to the community that they would be "pleasantly surprised."

Update 14 tidbits

Meanwhile, the developer has officially rolled out "PUBG's" update #14 for PC.

The patch notes tally with the recent leaks that made the rounds as they focused on changes in the game's throwables (grenades and molotovs), a few weapon balances, and the introduction of a new anti-cheat system.

According to the latest patch notes, the M24 will no longer be dropped in Care Packages. Instead, the weapon will spawn in the world.

As for the new anti-cheat tech, the system is currently live in the game's test servers as it features two modes – the Security Mode and Compatibility Mode. The complete roster of changes and improvements are now posted over on Steam's website. Check out a video about "PUBG" here: