Every month PlayStation Plus members enjoy the ability to use the live service, along with free games added each month. People who own a PS3 and PS Vita also get two free games each month. Gamers also have early access to betas and demos. This month, PlayStation announced the two games that will be free for the month of September: "God of War III Remastered" and "Destiny 2."

In addition, they also announced the other games arriving on the PS Vita and PS3 between September 4 and October 1. Here is what gamers can expect.

One game available now

"Destiny 2" is currently available for download now on the PSN Network, while "God of War III Remastered" will arrive on September 4, according to an article by PlayStation Blog.

Both of these games are critically-acclaimed. "Destiny 2" is an open-world online shooter that launched last year and new content is added through expansions and updates.

According to GameSpot, there is another perk that comes with downloading the game. Everyone with a copy of "Destiny 2" can participate in a 24-hour free trial of the upcoming PvP-meets-PvE Gambit Mode. This begins on September 1 at 10AM PT (1PM ET). This is a good reason to download the game right now.

"God of War III Remastered" is one of the best games in PS3 history as it centers around Kratos seeking revenge on the Greek gods, with Zeus at the helm. The game continues to build until its satisfying conclusion and the end of one of the best sagas in PlayStation history.

According to an article from PlayStation, PS3 owners will be getting "QUBE Director's Cut" and "Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition." Owners of the PS Vita will be getting "Sparkle 2" and "Foul Play." Fans cannot forget about VR as there are games available to download for that too.

Games last month

Last month PlayStation 4 members received "Dead by Daylight" and "Mafia 3" for free.

The month of July before that included "Heavy Rain" and "Absolver." "Heavy Rain" is a psychological thriller that tasks players with finding out who the Origami Killer is. The game is filled with mystery as gamers play as four different characters. On the other hand, "Absolver" is an action role-playing game.

For the games for August, "Mafia 3" is an open-world game where players use a character who seeks vengeance.

"Dead By Daylight" is a multiplayer horror game that follows a scenario where one player is the killer and the others have to escape.

PlayStation has been on its game lately with all of these great games arriving for free. They also released a limited edition 2TB PS4 Pro system to commemorate over 500 million consoles sold. Currently, it can be purchased online. It will hit stores in September.