Capcom announced new updates for "Devil May Cry 5" as game producer Matt Walker address video game fans' concerns regarding the sequel's microtransaction features. The feature allows players to purchase certain items and skills in the game in exchange for real currency.

The Japanese video game publisher also streamed a new gameplay for the sequel featuring its first secret mission. "DMC5" is set several years after the fourth game as Nero, Dante, and the rest of the demon hunting crew travel to Red Grave City to stop a demonic invasion led by the powerful demon lord, Urizen.

Nero will have a new arm called "Devil Breaker" along with new allies, Nico and V.

Matt Walker on Devil May Cry 5's microtransactions

According to, Matt Walker answered the fans' concerns over "Devil May Cry 5's" microtransaction option on Twitter stating that they should not be too worried about it as it does not affect the overall gameplay balance of the sequel.

The sequel's microtransaction feature allows players to use real money to buy the right amount of Red Orbs to purchase a certain item or skill to unlock in the Divinity Statues.

Game director Hideaki Itsuno told GameSpot in a previous interview that players have the option of not buying Red Orbs as some of the stuff in the Divinity Statues are very cheap, however, some of the harder move sets will not be easy to unlock, which forces them to use real currency.

Secret mission gameplay

According to SegmentNext, Capcom streamed a new gameplay video for "Devil May Cry 5" featuring its first secret mission.

Secret missions are bonus stages that allow players to complete certain challenges in the game to unlock special items. In this case, players must defeat all enemies within a certain time limit and they must not get hit otherwise the will lose the challenge.

The new video is also Capcom's take on the Dante gameplay at the Tokyo Game Show event.

Dante will have four of his signature fighting styles and his default weapons Rebellion, Ebony and Ivory, and the Coyote-A shotgun. He also has two new weapons, Balrog and Cavaliere.

Capcom also confirmed that "DMC5" will not feature any online multiplayer modes as they always intended the franchise to be a wonderful single-player experience. The sequel will also run at a 4K resolution with 60 fps for the PlayStation 4 console thanks to the use of RE Engine software from "Resident Evil 7."

The sequel will launch on March 8, 2019, for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.