The games on offer from Sony for PS Plus account holders in October

Sony has announced the games that are going to be free to PS4, PS3 and PSVR users with PS Plus


Friday the 13th the Game

This one is coming to the PS4 for PS Plus users. It allows you to either play as the famous killer, or camp counselors trying to survive the night.


Laser League

This is the other big offering for the PS4 in October. This is a new kind of sport that will test your reflexes and your teamwork.


Master Reboot

This one is for the PS3 and it features a haunting story about the soul and what happens when you can't die.


The Bridge

This is one that can be played on the PS3, PS4 or Vita. This 2D logic puzzle game will force you to think about physics in a new way in order to win.


Rocketbirds 2 Evolution

This is a crazy side-scrolling shooter for the Vita and the PS4. It even boasts 4-player cooperative play should you want it.


2064: Read Only Memories

Also the Vita or the PS4, the last PS Plus offering for October brings a unique art style to an adventure game you'll want to try out.

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