Bungie recently rolled out what they call a Rapid Response to Known Issues blog post where it addressed several issues and glitches in “Destiny 2’s” “Forsaken” expansion. They’ve also announced that a hotfix will be deployed today, September 13 that will eventually resolve an issue involving Weekly Challenges. While these are getting patched up, a new glitch has been discovered and this could be the most broken yet.

Redditor u/TG_LadyLabby could be the first Guardian to have discovered the glitch as she took to the Destiny subreddit to reveal such exploit.

She deemed it as Loot Cave 2.0 where “D2” players can get an unlimited number of chest spawns provided that players perform the necessary steps.

Per the Reddit post, this can be done inside the Dreaming City as Guardians need to summon the boss - Paradii the Vigilant. Instead of eliminating this big baddie, try eliminating other enemies that will be popping up. The result will be similar to defeating Paradii as the downed adds will be rewarding players with two chests.

Labby also stated that Fireteam members who die during the match will also give out a couple of chests. The Redditor pointed out though that they’ve done the exploit on PC adding that they’re not sure if it can be done on consoles.

Mixtures of blues and purples

A member of the subreddit asked if the glitch drops off Legendaries to which Lappy responded that in the two runs that they’ve done, they only managed to obtain mixtures of blues and purples adding that they haven’t stumbled upon some of those Reverie Dawn items. Another Redditor also commented that the exploit is a quick way to farm those god rolls.

YouTubers are also doing it

A couple of YouTubers – TritanArmy and Rifle Gaming posted videos showing how to do the glitch. The latter even stated that the so-called chest duplication cheese is “absolutely insane.” He further explained that the glitch is extremely useful for grinding since the gears that were obtained from it can be dismantled to get numerous buffs for Masterwork Cores.

He went on stating that “D2” players can also get small gifts, Glimmer Rain, Tincture of Queensfoil, and Dark Fragments.

Meanwhile, as mentioned, Bungie has announced that they’ve already devised a fix for Guardians who were recently hit by the recent Weekly Reset bug. The developer also stated that Hotfix will be rolled out today, September 13 adding that affected players will be given proper Weekly Challenges and powerful rewards.