Guardians are once again back in the “Destiny 2” grind as its downloadable content, “Forsaken,” has finally been released. Players are also beginning to discover some of the nifty stuff, that went alongside the expansion, which include powerful weapon rolls and new Guardian abilities. They’re also stumbling upon some glitches in the online-only shooter and these are now making the rounds online.

Another third-person glitch was recently discovered by players. Redditor u/Link2401 recently took to the Destiny subreddit to detail how the glitch can be replicated and added that, if done correctly, Guardians can utilize the weapons that they’re equipped with during gameplay.

He further explained that players can also equip themselves with swords or even board Sparrows without reverting back to first-person. He pointed out though that dying will return players to the original first-person POV, not to mention that they’ll be transmitted to another area.

Only for Warlocks

Other members of the subreddit tried doing the glitch, but it looks like the Warlock folks are the only ones who can pull it off. That said, a YouTube channel, Glitchtutorial, recently uploaded a short clip about it and may well confirm that the mentioned "Guardian class" are the only ones who can do the glitch. He also stated that Warlocks need to be on the Stormcaller subclass adding that he couldn’t get the glitch to work with other Warlock subclasses.

There was another glitch that was discovered, at the time “Forsaken” was released, where some players were able to purchase Silver for only a dollar. U/D4v1d23 recently posted a screenshot over on the Destiny 2 subreddit where it showed that the game’s Eververse indeed sold 3,000 Silver (plus 500 bonus) at a price that’s almost a steal.

Other Guardians confirming the glitch

Another Redditor - u/AngerFork commented, on D4v1id’s post, stating that he too encountered the glitch. He further explained that he was just looking out of curiosity to see how much would it be if he opted to boost his Titan. He added that when he saw the price, he thought that it was some sort of “a gateway to purchasing Silver-type special.” After attempting it, he claims that he now has a level 30 Titan and some 500 Silver to spare.

U/CynicalSalmon also revealed what the glitch offered. He initially made a purchase to see if such a deal is real and even posted a link showing his proof of purchase. The Redditor bought a couple more and ended up with 10,500 Silver. However, those who followed were no longer able to make use of the glitch as they claim that it got fixed.