The latest updates for "Devil May Cry 5" reveal new details about the sequel's framerate and Capcom producer Matt Walker confirmed that the sequel will run at 4K resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro console.

Game director Hideaki Itsuno also talked about how he wanted to develop a sequel to Ninja Theory's version of the franchise, "DmC: Devil May Cry." The sequel first made its debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo event three months ago. Capcom has been making waves of announcements and gameplay trailers at Gamescom, PAX, and the Tokyo Game Show events.

It features the return of Nero and Dante as they travel to Red Grave City to fight a demon invasion along with old and new allies.

4K resolution for the PS4 Pro version

According to WCCFTech, Capcom game producer Matt Walker announced on Twitter that "Devil May Cry 5" will run at 4K resolution and 60 frames-per-second on the PS4 Pro after he answered a fan's question concerning its enhancements.

Capcom developed the sequel using the RE Engine software from "Resident Evil 7" as it enhances the level structure designs and facial features of the characters using 3D scans of places and the actors. The majority of the scans are done overseas and Capcom is building them at their Osaka and London offices.

The Japanese game developers added that the sequel's animation frames will react to the player's input and each action will respond flawlessly without any sort of delays during gameplay and cutscenes. The gameplay demos of Nero and Dante at the Gamescom and TGS events is living proof that the software works perfectly, as each action is done with grace and elegance.

Hideaki Itsuno on DmC: Devil May Cry 2

"DMC5" Game director Hideaki Itsuno told VG 24/7 at the TGS event that he wanted to make a sequel of Ninja Theory's reboot of the franchise, however, some members of his team did not agree with the proposal.

"We had these people that didn’t work on DmC and people that did," Itsuno said. "Because we had these two sides mixing, it was like alright, we’re going to make Devil May Cry 5 – it’s not going to be a sequel to DmC, but we definitely want to do what we can to take what we learned from that game too."

Ninja Theory's version of "DMC" has met with negative criticism due to their Dante' redesign and overall changes to his backstory, as well as, the rest of the characters.

It was previously reported that "DMC5" will have microtransactions allowing players to use real currency to buy Red Orbs for unlocking skills and other items. However, Itsuno and Walker stated that it will not affect the balance of the gameplay and it will be similar to "DMC4: Special Edition."

The fifth title will launch on March 8, 2019, for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.