Destiny 2’s” newest raid event - the Last Wish - is now in full effect as Fireteams have been battling it out (at the time of this writing) inside the Dreaming City in hopes of snagging the title of being the world's first to complete the activity. While Guardians are trying to figure out how to beat the hard-as-nail bosses in this event, they are also stumbling upon some secret stuff in this new destination within the “Forsaken” expansion.

Redditor u/WakaNanalew recently took to the Raid Secrets subreddit to show a secret chest that he and his team discovered in the Keep of Voices.

Per the OP, it is the room with crystals after the second encounter. He even provided a walkthrough alongside some images on how to get there:

  • Players will have to head through the left doorway at the courtyard toward the end of the Keep.
  • Once outside, they have to scale a tree to their left.
  • After scaling the tree, they need to jump to a ledge immediately above them.
  • Go forward and the chest is straight ahead.

Could be just some low-powered loot

The player did not mention, though, what they got from the chest. Other members of the subreddit believe that it could be just a piece of low-powered raid loot just like the other glitched chest that was recently “suppressed” (it gives out loot again).

Secret plate/platform at the first encounter

There’s also a player who came across what he calls a hidden plate at the first encounter (Kalli). Per u/Rpaulv, the plate/platform reacts whenever it is stepped on. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the King’s fall Golgoroth maze.

His post also provided a walkthrough on how to get there. YouTuber and “Destiny 2” player Rifle Gaming also uploaded a similar video about this hidden room - he dubbed it, Tower of Hidden Eyes. However, his version is a bit longer.

The Broodhold glitch and how to do it

Another YouTuber – CloudLXXXV - figured out how Xbox One and PC players can get inside the PlayStation Exclusive Strike area known as The Broodhold.

He also took to the above-mentioned subreddit to reveal such cheese, adding that he just wanted to test whether or not he can glitch his way to that area just as he did to The Reservoir.

According to the player, those who want to try it should be on a Titan with a Striker subclass alongside Code of the Missile and Catapult Lift. Part of the requisite includes wearing the Lion Rampant Exotic boots, a sword, and a high Mobility. His eight-minute clip detailed the steps on how to do it.

Last Wish winners announced

Meanwhile, Bungie has officially announced the World First winners of the Last Wish raid event:

  • Modern
  • Sweatcicle
  • Ehroar
  • Indica
  • FleshCrunch
  • Gladd

Congratulations Guardians! Now go get some sleep.