Guardians pretty much know by now how rare mods are in “Destiny 2’s” “Forsaken.” Their rarity these days is such that they are difficult to come by just like Exotics in the online-only shooter, not to mention that the cost to purchase a mod from the gunsmith is pretty steep. However, players have found a workaround for this problem where they are able to farm Baron-specific loot and weapon mods.

YouTuber and “Destiny 2” player Ninja Pups is just one of the Guardians who stumbled upon this. He even uploaded a couple of videos detailing how to stack up mod components and Baron-specific loot.

The Fanatic

Per the video, Guardians will have to load The Hollowed Lair strike which is located in The Tangled Shore. Anyone can pretty much do this strike as the required power is 400, not to mention that it will match players who still do not have a complete Fireteam. Players just need to run through the strike and defeat Fanatic Baron. Once the boss is eliminated, it will drop a Legendary Engram which is a Baron-specific item. Pups added that each class will either get a helmet or a chest piece, a bow, sidearm, or even a grenade launcher. There’s also the possibility that a Sparrow or a ship will be dropped.

Pups pointed out that players will have to aim for the armor drops, as they will have a guaranteed mod in them.

He further explained that super cooldown mods can be obtained from the helmet while chest pieces will give players a recovery mod. The YouTuber is not certain, however, if weapon drops will have mods. He stated that Guardians will get Legendary Shards and gunsmith materials whenever they delete the weapons, adding that the activity is also a Legendary Engram farm.

That said, players will only get armor pieces for the class that they used during the activity. They also have a chance to get Prime Engrams (level 50 players) whenever they eliminate enemies with yellow life bars.

The Machinist is quicker

Pups even provided a tutorial on how to speed through the strike to farm loot even quicker.

As mentioned, he even made a follow-up video about this farming method in “Destiny 2.” This time, however, he got the loot from The Machinist where it also involves eliminating oneself after defeating the Baron. He did mention that this farming method requires a power level of 500 and added that the daily heroic mission rotates -- both the Fanatic and Machinist missions won’t always be available.