If you've enjoyed playing "Fortnite" on a console, PC, mobile phone, or your tablet, then I may have good news for you. It appears you will now be able to play some version of the "Battle Royale" shooter literally anywhere. I'm not talking about mobile devices or the Nintendo Switch here. I'm talking about the fact that preorders (however briefly) opened for a brand new "Fortnite Monopoly" game. While the first reaction to this particular mashup is probably total confusion, there's something to be said for just how fun this particular combination could end up being.

Also, "PUBG" just passed 100 million downloads.

'Fortnite Monopoly' release date

At the moment, the preorder has disappeared after being up earlier on September 6. The only retailer that was offering "Fortnite Monopoly" was Zavvi. When I went through the preorder process I found the board game was expected to be released right around November 26. That's not only in time for Christmas but also for Black Friday. It would appear the companies are making sure that this game is one that is available at the peak moment for people who are wanting to put down a little green.

There is a touch of bad news for the moment for "Fortnite" fans in the United States. Zavvi was only shipping to locations in Europe.

Going through the preorder process and attempting to get the game shipped to the United States got you an apologetic note about how the company cannot ship to that address. Anyone who really wants this game likely knows there are ways around this, including shipping the game to a location in Europe and then having that location ship to the United States.

It would also seem that if Zavvi is not being allowed to ship to the states, the "Fortnite Monopoly" game is going to be coming to some retailers here sooner, rather than later. Also, the Heavy Sniper Rifle can shoot through walls.

'Fornite Monopoly' isn't just a reskin

If and when you are able to get your hands on this board game, you'll be happy to know it doesn't appear this is just "Monopoly" with "Fortnite" pictures and colors.

Euro Gamer points out that money has been transformed into health points. There are things such as boogie bombs in the game that will make people lose a life and you can erect walls to protect the spaces you own.

Jail has been replaced by the storm and if you land on that space you will be losing two lives. Instead of trying to make everyone else go bankrupt, the point of "Fortnite Monopoly" is to be the last one standing while everyone else has lost all their lives. For now, we'll just have to wait and see whether preorders pop back up again