ARK: Survival Evolved’s” next downloadable content - “Extinction” is just a few months away as game developer Studio Wildcard has been rolling out some bits and pieces of what to expect from the game’s biggest expansion yet.

On Tuesday, they also posted another installment of their Community Crunch blog post alongside their ARK Digest where they’ve compiled “ARK” related questions coming from their community of players as it was answered by their Lead Programmer Chris Willoughby.

The Q and A session kicked off with a question from a fan asking as to whether flyers will be included in “Extinction.” It can be recalled that the last expansion dubbed as “Aberration” was a no-flyer, though gliding creatures such as the Rock Drake was added in the DLC.

Willoughby responded on a positive note adding that there will be a number of such creatures that spawn in “Extinction.” He also revealed that they are working on a few more of these flying beasts as he stated that there will be new challenges for flyers on the upcoming map.

Boss fights in Extinction

Someone also asked if there will be artifacts in the next DLC and will the Obelisks still be used to go the boss’ room. The lead programmer replied that there will be no separate arenas for boss battles adding that Survivors will have to slug it out on the live map.

On S+ mod mechanics

S+ mod mechanics were also asked in the Q and A to which Willoughby replied that they are not planning to integrate the mod wholesale. He further explained that it contains a number of improvements to the building system and a number of features and mechanics that circumvent the systems in the game.

He stated though that they are examining and tracking individual improvements that would make sense to integrate. As for console players, no new mods were revealed by the lead programmer, but he advised them to stay tuned.

Willoughby also assured “ARK’ fans that previous creatures will be added in the “Extinction” DLC. He made it clear though that they’ll include the ones that make the most sense adding that they also have corrupted versions of a number of these creatures which he describes as highly aggressive.

For server owners who wish to run multiple events (ie: ARKaeology and the Easter event), Willoughby stated that it will not be possible in “Extinction.” As for “ARK: Fear Evolved,” he also stated that they’ll be skipping the Halloween event as they focused on ensuring the smooth launch for the next game segment.