The latest updates for "Tekken 7" reveal the official release date for the two DLC characters: Lei Wulong and Anna Williams, to the roster. Bandai Namco Entertainment will launch these two iconic fighters next month along with a few new gameplay changes.

"Tekken 7" is currently available in the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC game platforms. Its plot revolves around the final confrontation between Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima as they look to end their long-standing rivalry and hatred for each other to take over the whole world. The sequel also reveals the hidden secrets behind the mysterious Devil Gene.

Lei and Anna coming next month

According to Game Rant, Bandai Namco Entertainment will launch both Lei Wulong and Anna Willaims in "Tekken 7" on September 6 on all gaming platforms. These two characters were announced by the game producer, Katsuhiro Harada, at EVO 2018 as part of the sequel's second season DLC.

Fan-favorite "Walking Dead" villain, Negan is also added to the roster as its newest guest character along with Akuma, Geese Howard, and Noctis Lucis Caelum.

Anna is Nina's younger sister in the "Tekken" lore and these two shared an intense rivalry that turned into bitter hatred. She joined G Corporation as Kazuya's right-hand woman and lieutenant and she fights her sister who joined Jin Kazama's new Mishima Zaibatsu regime.

Like Nina, Anna wears a new costume for the sequel in the form of a black mourning dress.

As for Lei, he is a veteran Hong Kong police officer and master martial artist, who uses the five animal styles and drunken boxing fists. He is much older than before, but his old age does not stop him from being crafty and sneaky during battle.

Changes on combos and Rage Drives

According to Twinfinite, Bandai Namco Entertainment will also have a new patch update for "Tekken 7" on September 6 alongside the DLC characters. These changes include adding "Single Combos" and "Assist" features. Video game fans who have played the sequel's story mode noticed several single-button commands.

Now, this feature will be available to all game modes.

The next change will be the Ranking System as the game developers added a progress bar and let players' gauge their performance within a particular rank. Wall bounces are now being added as a "universal" mechanic in the game. This means, that players can now follow some combos to their opponents after they bounce off from the in-game walls.

Lastly, the developers added some new tricks to each character's Rage Drive that will result in major damage to their opponents.