New technology is proving to people what gaming can really do and that the sky is truly not the limit. The Nintendo Switch has been very successful since its release, despite being in competition with the all mighty PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There are a lot of new anticipated Video Games set to arrive later in the year for the PS4 and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch made an announcement weeks ago about special "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" Gamecube-style controllers arriving at some time.

The Switch has been able to do better than just staying afloat, and it was recently announced that an app subscription service will be arriving on the console in November.

Below are the details on what it is, what it will bring in return, and the significance of it.

InkyPen Comics

The Nintendo Switch is a superb system, but it does not have that many forms of media or apps like the other consoles in the PS4 and Xbox One. It is looking to change that though with InkyPen, which is an app subscription for comics. According to Variety "It's the first international non-game Switch app to launch on the eShop."

The service will let users read comics from anywhere for about 8 dollars a month. An article by CBR lists all the details of purchasing the subscription-based service with being able to be read "in handheld mode or in TV mode." There will also be plenty of picks to choose from as there will be over "10,000 comic books for every style and taste." Comic book lovers will certainly love this new addition.

PS5 to possibly arrive in 2019-2020

The PlayStation 4 has already managed to sell a lot of systems, and the brand, in general, managed to sell 500 million units. Due to that, Sony was inspired and made a limited edition 2TB PS4 Pro. The limited edition system will come with some new features including the higher storage drive and it will sport a blue gloss, along with being see through.

It will come with a hefty price tag of $499.99 and come with a PlayStation camera.

An acclaimed analyst, named Michael Pachter, believes that the system will be available in the year 2020. It has to be seen what the family member will bring to the table other than updated graphics. Sony has been able to do well in the virtual reality department and the new member could help in that respect.

There are other sources that contradict it, pointing to a 2019 release, so it will have to be seen what happens. The PS4 has been one of the best consoles on the market, surpassing the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but it is catching up and doing well, despite it not being on the market for a long time.