"Fortnite's" V5.10 content update is officially live and it introduced a new Limited Time Mode – Fly Explosives. The patch also recommissioned the Guided Missile which was previously shelved since it was deemed back then by many players to be too overpowered. That said, folks are once again finding new ways to enjoy the weapon, albeit being toned down.

Redditor u/Surgetale recently posted a gif image over on the FortniteBR subreddit to show what he just discovered while using the returning weapon. Per the short clip, the player was able to do a rocket ride all by himself from the ground.

From the looks of it, the trick is quite difficult to pull off as most of the members of the subreddit commented that they'll end up eliminating themselves by trying such stunt. Someone then asked the OP about his sensitivity settings and he responded that it's 400 dpi 0.13 in game. Since he's playing on a PC, another member of the sub asked how big the area is where his mouse moves. He replied that he's using a 40cm x 45cm mousepad. Other players who saw the post noticed that the missile still turns pretty quick despite getting tweaked.

Become the glider

In line with this, "Fortnite" players have also discovered a Guided Missile glitch while trying to ride the rocket while on a glider. A couple of Redditors (u/gabekmc and u/Mr_Dobbbs) have recently brought this issue to light on the same subreddit as their gameplay clips show that their characters got fused with their gliders after attempting to do a rocket ride.

It's also noticeable that both players seem to have missed the rocket before the glitch happened. U/Mr_Dobbbs even managed to shoot both his sniper and assault rifles in midair while gliding down.

Missiles on stealth

The nerfed weapon seems to be plagued with issues as of late as another Redditor – u/Chalizard, posted a clip from his gameplay showing that the missile that hit him seems to be invisible.

His video featured an in-game clip and another one from the replay mode. It can be heard that a missile has been fired off, though it cannot be seen in the in-game clip. However, "Fortnite's" replay mode showed where the projectile was fired at and it was very much avoidable if the missile was seen during the match.

Other players are beginning to notice other issues in the game after the V5.10 content update.

Some of them have been addressed early on by Epic Games while there are some that are yet to be acknowledged.