"Resident Evil 2" updates revealed new details about Claire Redfield at this year's Gamescom event. Capcom launched new game screenshots for the revamped sequel, teasing small portions of Claire's story campaign. The Japanese video game publisher also announced new items for the game's European Collector's Edition.

The revamped Resident Evil sequel made its first debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo event and it featured enhanced character designs and structures from the original PlayStation game. Players will reassume the roles of Claire and Leon S.

Kennedy, as they survive the zombie-infested town of Raccoon City.

Claire Redfield's story

According to the Capcom-Unity, Claire Redfield will have her own terrifying encounter in "Resident Evil 2," as she explores the deeper and darker corners of the Raccoon City Police HQ. Just like the original game, Claire's story involves her searching for her older brother, Chris. The game will feature her iconic motorcycle scene, as she ends up in Raccoon City, surrounded by death and zombies. She soon meets Leon, and they work together to solve the mystery and escape the city.

The Gamescom screenshots reveal Claire's new look, as Capcom developers redesigned her from scratch. She now has a new jacket and a leaner and more feminine biker outfit.

The screenshots also revealed the new character designs of Sherryl Birken and her G-Virus mutated father, William.

Claire will accompany Sherryl throughout her campaign story and she will fight William in the underground structure of the RPD building. She is equipped with a Grenade Launcher with flame rounds to fight off William before they escape.

Capcom used the new RE Engine software from "RE7" to design each character, giving them a fresh look for the next generation game consoles. The sequel will feature a third-person, over-the-shoulder camera view from "RE4" to make the experience more terrifying.

'RE2' European Collector's Edition

According to PlayStation LifeStyle, Capcom announced a new collector's edition for "Resident Evil 2" in Europe and it contains several game-related merchandises.

The items include a steel book casing of the main game, 12-inch Leon S. Kennedy figurine, limited edition RPD keys, Collector's Item box, CD's of the game's art book and soundtrack, a pin badge of "Made in Heaven," and a game poster.

There are also DLC Deluxe Pack Cards revealing new in-game content such as the game's original soundtrack, DLC costumes for Leon and Claire, and the Samurai Edge, Alber Model.