"Resident Evil 2" updates reveal new details about the game's character development and a different version of it coming out in Japan. Game developers Kazunori Kadoi, Yasuhiro Ampo, and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi explained the different reasons behind the character redesigns of Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and more.

Capcom also teased a "Z Version" of the game and that it will only be available for Japanese video game players. The revamped "RE2" made its debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo event and players will revisit the zombie-infested town of Raccoon City.

Players will re-assume the roles of Leon and Claire, as they find a way to escape the city and solve the mystery behind the incident.

Changing the designs for Leon, Claire, others

According to Dual Shockers, the developers needed to change designs for each character from the "Resident Evil 2" game to make them look "fresh" for the video game fans, who have not played the original game, nor the "Resident Evil" franchise in general. Leon's character redesign was based on a western male Capcom employee who scanned his facial features and voice to make him more desirable. The hair scan, however, was tricky for them and it was decided to have Leon's hair design from "RE4" as the basis for his character redesign.

The developers wanted to emphasize Leon's naivety, as he is still a rookie officer in the Raccoon City police force.

For Claire, the Capcom developers admitted that her redesign was the most difficult to work. This included finding the suitable body type to her wardrobe changes. The development team originally wanted to go back to her original outfit but encountered some difficulties from its design.

They decided to build her from scratch but retained her signature red color scheme. They also stated that Claire's new biker look was more feminine than in the original game.

Lastly, the development team also teased their design plans for Sherry Birkin and Ada Wong, although they cannot discuss it in full details until they feel ready to announce them.

'Z Version' in the works?

According to Game Rant, Capcom is developing a different version of "Resident Evil 2" for the Japanese market. Dubbed as the "Z Version," it will act as the same game, but the difference is that it has a CERO Z rating, which is intended for 18 years old and above audiences.

Another difference is that the "Z Version" will have is more gore and more graphic scenes. Capcom did not reveal the exact censored scenes.