Capcom has officially revealed the remake of "Resident Evil 2" at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo event after numerous leaked details and rumors throughout the internet. The game offers a familiar feel to video game fans, as it takes them back to Raccoon City during the T-Virus outbreak orchestrated by the pharmaceutical company, Umbrella Corp.

Players will assume the role of rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy and an outsider Claire Redfield, as they survive the horror, complete with new game engine and mechanics. There are also reports that two bonus characters, Hunk and Tofu, will be added to the remake.

'RE2' remake demo at E3 2018

GameSpot streamed a gameplay demo of the "Resident Evil 2" remake at E3 2018 and it featured Leon exploring the wrecked and seemingly abandoned Raccoon City Police Department. Inside the building, Leon is looking through some surveillance footage inside the station for survivors and he saw one officer named Elliot being attacked by a zombie with a notebook.

Leon cautiously goes through the hallway as he sees several dead bodies and zombies. He eventually sees Elliot and tries to save him, but to no avail, as the zombie ripped him apart. Leon gets his notebook and it reveals clues as to how they can get out of the station.

The police rookie tries to escape the hallway as numerous zombies are after him.

Leon is eventually saved by lieutenant Marvin Branaugh, who explains the situation to him. Leon must find three statues to open the secret passageway underneath the police station. Marvin gives him his combat knife for extra protection. As revealed in previously leaked information, the remake will have an over-the-shoulder camera view of the current "RE" titles, rather than the clunky third-person fixed view.

Zombies are much more difficult to kill and fighting a group of them is more dangerous. There are also other monsters like Lickers and Tyrants.

Hunk and Tofu return

According to Game Rant, Capcom has confirmed that bonus characters Hunk and Tofu will return to the "Resident Evil 2" remake. The two characters can be playable when they unlock two game modes from the original title: The Fourth Survivor and Tofu Survivor.

The Fourth Survivor mode will have players control Hunk, a mysterious black-ops operative working for Umbrella Corp. He is responsible for Dr. William Birkin's death and eventual resurrection, becoming a monster after using the G-Virus. The Tofu Survivor allows players to control a walking Tofu that can use guns and get killed by zombies.