The latest updates for the PS4 exclusive "God of War" sequel reveal the launch date of the New Game Plus mode and the next chapter for the franchise. Santa Monica Studios confirmed that New Game Plus mode will be added this month and they promise that video game fans will challenge themselves against more powerful enemy units and bosses.

Game director, Cory Balrog, announced on Twitter that they are preparing pre-production plans for the next sequel. The new "God of War" game will feature Kratos residing in the harsh lands of Norway and starting a family there.

His quiet life was interrupted by the Norse gods who rule the land as they grew weary of his intentions.

New Game Plus launches on August 20

According to the PlayStation Blog, the New Game Plus mode will officially launch in "God of War" on August 20 as a free patch update. Santa Monica Studios communication strategist, Aaron Kaufman, stated that before players can proceed to the new game mode, they must first finish the whole story mode regardless of what difficulty settings they have started on.

Afterward, players can now proceed to the New Game Plus Mode with all the equipment, items, loot, and stats that they have unlocked in the previous session. The new game mode will also add new equipment, and the level gap between each monster and bosses have been dramatically increased.

There is also new resource material called the Skap Lag that can be used for gear and weapon upgrades. Players can now have access to different customization options to better their chances in the game. Finally, players will have the option of skipping any cinematic cutscenes in both the normal and New Game Plus modes.

Next God of War sequel in the works

According to Push Square, Cory Balrog tweeted that he has been busy reading production scripts for their next project and video game fans speculated that this could a continuation of the previous "God of War" game.

While Santa Monica Studios did not reveal the full details of the next sequel, Balrog explained in a previous interview that the game's story will have a cliffhanger at the end hinting the next chapter of Kratos and Atreus's journey.

Players have already met several Norse deities such as Baldur, Magni, Modi, and Freya. It was also revealed that Atreus's actually name is Loki and he prophesied to kill his father at the event of Ragnarok.

The Norse God of Thunder, Thor made his appearance at the game's end credits scene, teasing fans about an epic encounter between him and Kratos.