"Pokemon GO" developer, Niantic, has been throwing curve balls at players, with lots of interesting events, big updates, and challenges. Eight months ago, new monsters were unleashed into the Hoenn region. In July, Niantic surprised "Pokemon GO" fans with a new piece of artwork featuring the male and female avatars, generation three Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, and new Diamond and Pearl Pokemon. In addition to the new features and creatures revealed was Professor Willow, who was conducting research while the two trainers were trading with one another.

Pokemon GO added another new feature for generation three. This was after the release date of generation three got confirmed.

'Pokemon GO' previous generations

The first generation featured 151 Red and Blue Pokemon. The first Pokemon on the list is Bulbasaur, while the last is Mew. The second generation featured 100 Gold and silver creatures. On the list, the first is Chikorita, while the last is Celebi. The third generation featured 135 Ruby and sapphire creatures. The first on the list is Treecko, while the last is Deoxys. The fourth generation monsters are still on the way. However, the first on the list will be Turtwig, while the last will be Arceus

How to prepare for 'Pokemon GO' generation four

"Pokemon GO" generation four will be the Pokemon first encountered in the Sinnoh region.

It is on the way and will offer 107 new monsters and three Pokemon types, namely Grass, Fire, and Water-type. This will be the second largest addition of new monsters to the game since 2016. For now, the only generations present in the game are one, two, and three. According to Pokemon GO Hub, the fourth generation will feature evolutions of creatures from previous generations, a new fleet of powerful Legendary monsters, mythical monsters, and baby pokemon.

This generation will feature lots of evolutions from previous generations and all baby pokemon will evolve into monsters from previous generations. Also, two new Eevee evolutions which were not present in the third generation will return with gen four.

According to US GAMER, some powerful creatures in the previous generation will get a stronger evolution when generation four arrives.

Therefore, players are advised to hang on to the previous creatures in the evolution chain and store up plenty of candies in order to get the fourth generation monsters immediately after they arrive. Every player needs about 1,150 Candies to hunt for the 22 evolutions in generation four and develop new powerful raiders. So start saving candies and fill up your Pokedex while "Pokemon GO" developer, Niantic, rolls out the new generation creatures in a wave.