Fans have been fascinated by the new operator of "Rainbow Six Siege," a popular first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. Some are already speculating that the new operator will come from another tactical shooter game. Many have picked "Ghost Recon Wildlands" because it’s the closest thing the developer can get.

Many have speculated that this new operator could be the notorious Anthony ‘Nomad' Perryman of the "Ghost Recon Wildlands." So how these people come with such theory?

People based their theories on the recent and ongoing live tie-event between the two tactical shooter game, where many have seen Twitch teaming up with the Ghosts to hunt and bring down former Operative Caveira.

Also, to live tie-event, the game developer also made some interesting revelation about the new Operator’s past that reportedly syncs with Nomad’s own history, according to PCgamesn.

About the potential crossover and the new operator

Back in November of last year, when Ubisoft announced that the next two Siege Operators would come from the iconic Scotland Yard in the UK, and the highly secretive Delta Force of the United States. Last July, Ubisoft made some follow up move and unveiled a new trailer for the new "Ghost Recon" content. That new teaser also suggests that there will be a potential crossover event between the two shooters, "Rainbow Six Siege" and "Ghost Recon Wildlands."

These all recent crossover news have sparked some speculations and rumors in the gaming world.

Many have posted their theories on Reddit. Others had claimed that Nomad of "Ghost Recon Wildlands" was once a part of the stealthy Delta Force team before he became a member of the Ghost team.

However, the crossover event between the two shooter games might no longer come as a big surprise to most Ubisoft fans. Many "Ghost Recon" fans have already seen Sam Fischer of "Splinter Cell," so the "Ghost Recon" crossing over "Rainbow Six Siege" would no longer come as a surprise for them.

Fans are already expecting this one. It’s only a matter of time before Ubisoft takes center stage and makes an official announcement.

For now, fans can only speculate as they still wait for the official statement. But assuming all of these fans’ theories are correct, then, this will be the first time the new operator from Rainbow has been a key character from another tactical shooter game, "Ghost Recon Wildlands."

Ubisoft reveals the next big update

Ubisoft, the developer of the tactical shooter game, has made some important update this week.

The company has finally revealed the game’s next big update. As described in the recent Ubisoft’s blog post, the Operations and Maintenance update will arrive in late September, and it will include important bug fixes. The new update will be similar to the Operation Health update of "Rainbow Six Siege," according to Game Revolution.

In addition to next month’s big update, Ubisoft is also releasing a hotfix on gaming consoles tomorrow, August 6. The update will include the same bug fixes that were introduced on PC.

"Ghost Recon Wildlands" is currently available on all gaming platform, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.