After the successful launch of its open-world survival game in May, Funcom has another big gaming addition this month. The Norwegian firm announced the release of the second DLC expansion for its widely popular open-world survival game, “Conan Exiles.”

According to Gamasutra, the company’s latest update, the "Jewel of the West" DLC, will bring more updates to the survival game. The new DLC update also comes with a new flashy trailer showing off the big additions made.

The latest DLC expansion

As mentioned earlier, Funcom’s latest update introduces Aquilonia-themed building pieces along with new armor, new weapons, furniture, and placeables.

The update also added warpaints to help players with their in-game creations. Players can build new homes and settlements with a complete set of Aquilonian building tools. Similar to the Ancient Greek and Roman architecture, the Aquilonian architectures are best known for smooth and fancy-looking marbles. The new update will also introduce a new dungeon, new religion, new avatar, and an entirely new gameplay feature.

The new update also highlights the new pet taming system for creatures like camels and panthers. Funcom has released important details about its new pet system in its latest developer post. That post includes a complete list of what pet players can expect to try to tame. The developer provides information about converting young creatures into full adult animals.

It also provides info about what pets can be used by players. Players can get the complete developer post about this pet system at the official "Conan Exiles" website.

In addition to new content and pet system, Funcom also added some additional features. Players will now be able to customize their character, with three new armor sets such as the Aquilonian Scout light armor.

They will also be able to wield new weapons like the lion-headed Aquilonia Mace, and even craft a new placeable like Aquilonia statues and more.

This new update will be free to download to all players on all three gaming platforms. Players will learn more about this latest update and the upcoming big one when they visit Funcom’s official website.

Conan Exiles makes an impressive sales

"Conan Exiles," the popular open-world survival game, has become the best and fastest-selling video game in Funcom’s history, selling more than 1.4 million copies. It surpassed the record that was previously held by the 2008’s MMORPG hit “Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. “ That game has reached an impressive 1.4 million copies sold after just three years on the gaming market. However, things changed fast, and the 2008 MMORPG hit is no longer the company’s top game. That title belongs now to "Conan Exiles," the company’s biggest and fastest-selling game ever.