Fortnite’s” 5.10 patch is all set to go live alongside the new cosmetics that got leaked today. Other data miners have delved deeper into the game files as they uncovered upcoming props, emote footages, and even a weapon that could be added in the game’s battle royale mode.

Data miner @FNBRLeaks has visited the Athena files (BR mode) of the third-person shooter to see what the upcoming patch has to offer aside from the nifty-looking cosmetics. As expected, he noticed that several game files got updated in 5.10.

One of the interesting tweaks that he stumbled upon was the Explosive Crossbow.

No image renders were dug up, though the description of the yet to be announced weapon states that it shoots an arrow with an explosive tip adding that it will be “your enemies‘ worst nightmare.”

A couple of LTMs could return

A couple of Limited Time Modes are believed to be making a comeback if the game files are anything to go by. Per FNBR, both Fly Explosives and Solo Showdown might go live once again in “Fortnite” BR as he claims that their assets have been added once again in the game files with modified values.

Digging deeper into the files, he also noticed several game assets suggesting that the Party Bus could be playing some birthday tunes during flight. Also, FNBR claims that the previously vaulted Guided Missile had its launch sounds updated.

However, the leaker stated that audio files for these items are non-exportable.

For the uninitiated, it was leaked a few months back that this weapon – which was deemed by the “Fortnite” BR community to be extremely OP – could return in the game in the form of a backpack similar to the Eye of the Storm Tracker.

They got a tank

Another leaker - @GameCentral_FBR also discovered several 3D images suggesting that the game could be getting a military tank.

However, it may well seem that this won’t be driveable as it was pointed out by other data miners.

Meanwhile, @fortnite_leaks dug up some upcoming emotes alongside the 5.10 patch. These emotes are:

  • Living Large
  • Hand Signals
  • Intensity
  • Not Today

Among these emotes, some of the players are pretty much familiar with the Intensity emote as this somewhat pays homage to the famous Technoviking that became viral several years ago.

The emote is without a doubt fitting for the game’s current season since part of it is themed after these legendary seafarers.

He also tweeted out several 3D renders of what he claims to be a clay pigeon shooter. He also stated that this new item could be part of future weekly challenges in the game.