"Fortnite Battle Royale" has received many map changes since its release in September 2017. In Season 4, the game developer released bi-weekly updates and changed most areas, including the area in the middle of the island known as Dusty Divot. However, the original in-game map doesn't even look similar to the map players are playing on right now, and it seems that Epic Games will keep changing it. According to Games Radar, the rift in the sky will get smaller, and this will most likely bring another big change to the island. Patch 5.0 was one of the biggest updates in the game.

It brought Season 5, which was introduced with rifts.

Surprisingly, while many players have expected the game developer to keep using these rifts to make map changes, nothing big has happened so far. This could change on August 21 and one of the most popular areas on the map could be destroyed. Rumors state that the Rift in the sky will shrink and it will either destroy one of the existing places on the map, or it will simply add a new point of interest.

The in-game event

Epic Games hasn't revealed any details about what's going to happen on August 21, but it's a good guess that players will get another special in-game event. This event could be as big as the rocket launch event, and it might affect the map immediately.

According to Inverse, @FNBRLeaks tweeted on August 1, that this event will happen on August 21 at 4:00 PM ET. Season 5 was introduced with rifts, as the game developer used them to add some new places on the map or modify existing areas. Considering that the rift in the sky will shrink, we can expect it to take one of the existing places on the map and make it go to another dimension.

There are some theories about the place that could disappear, and many players believe that it will be Salty Springs that could be destroyed in Season 5. While some other theories include Dusty Divot and Tilted Towers, Salty Spring is more likely to be gone.

Salty Springs destruction

Season 5 has brought many changes to "Fortnite Battle Royale," according to data miners, and some of these changes make players believe that Salty Springs will be destroyed in this season.

The fifth season has added stone statues over the island, and all of these statues are turned toward Salty Springs. Additionally, there is a rift above this area, and this could be the rift that will shrink on August 21. Lastly, Salty Springs is one of the areas that has been on the map since the release of "Fortnite Battle Royale." Most players are familiar with this place, and that is why Epic Games could decide to change it and add something else instead of a town. Since the current season has a historical theme, we can expect the rift to add another point of interest related to history.