The “Destiny 2” community is counting down the days before they can experience the game’s next expansion - “Forsaken.” Game developer Bungie has been rolling out tidbits of information about the DLC including weapons and the new horde of enemies that players will be facing. Data miners have also been on a grind as of late as a couple of upcoming armor sets for both the Warlock and Titan classes were recently revealed.

Posts by the Redditor known as u/Ginsor have been getting some traction lately in the “Destiny” subreddit as they leaked some of the stuff that will be rolled out alongside the “ForsakenDLC.

As mentioned, armor sets have been brought to light including where to get them and some additional lore behind it.

His most recent find was the Reverie Dawn Armor Set for the Warlock. Per u/Dinsor’s post, players can obtain the armor pieces by completing activities and earning rank-up packages within Dreaming City. It was also stated that the pieces will have Random Perks in them, hence they cannot be reacquired from Collections:

Reverie Dawn

  • Reverie Dawn Hood (Helmet)
  • Reverie Dawn Gloves (Gauntlets)
  • Reverie Dawn Tabard (Chest Armor)
  • Reverie Dawn Boots (Leg Armor)
  • Reverie Dawn Bond (Class Item)

Titan armor

Prior to this, the Redditor also detailed the armor set for the Titan dubbed as the Scatterhorn Armor Set.

YouTuber and “Destiny 2” player Houndish pointed out that “Scatter” refers to a battle that happened during the Reef Wars (Awoken of the Reef v Fallen House of Wolves). Just like the Warlock’s armor set, the pieces cannot be reacquired from Collections:


  • Scatterhorn Helm (Helmet)
  • Scatterhorn Gauntlets (Gauntlets)
  • Scatterhorn Plate (Chest Armor)
  • Scatterhorn Greaves (Leg Armor)
  • Scatterhorn Mark (Class Item)

A few days ago, u/Dinsor also posted some leaked “Forsaken” info.

“Destiny” players were a bit skeptical about it at first, but by the time the latest This Week at Bungie blog post went live, those who got to check the post beforehand are beginning to realize that some of the things that the Redditor said, do fit in the bag.

On Gambit and Masterwork stuff

An example of accurate predictions was talk about the upcoming 4v4 mode of Gambit having its own ranking system dubbed as “Infamy.” u/Dinsor further explained that the new ranking will be somewhat similar to the Crucible, as players will be unlocking gear and ornaments while they increase their ranks.

Another thing that was confirmed by the leak was about the Masterwork Cores. Per the leaker, weekly clan milestones will let players receive a Masterwork Core. The post also stated that there’s a chance of getting a Masterwork Core with a boss kill.