Destiny 2’s” “ForsakenDLC is just a couple of months away as players of the game are prepping up in hunting down Prince Uldren after what he did to Cayde-6 in the teaser video. Pieces of information about the game’s third expansion have been rolled out since its announcement alongside some upcoming improvements and features that got its player base even more hyped about it.

Destiny’s Raid Team Lead Joe Blackburn (@joegoroth) recently tweeted out something interesting as he somewhat hinted about the DLC’s raid boss. The post was referring to YouTuber and Bungie’s Gameplay Specialist Patrick Casey Holtzmann as they raised a certain amount during the GuardianCon event.

The deal was that Holtzmann will be getting a heart tattoo if the goal was reached.

Raid boss speculations

By the time Holtzmann reached their targeted amount, Blackburn then took to Twitter and he subtly teased as to who the so-called “greater force” at the Dreaming City is. He referred to the “Forsaken” raid boss as a “she,” hinting that the big baddie is a female. Players speculate that the main villain could be the Hive Wizard and sister to both Oryx and Xivu Arath – Savathun. Others believe that the enemy could be either Eris Morn or the Awoken Queen Mara Sov, though such theory is quite unlikely. Albeit the slight tease, it is expected that there’s a lot more to discover with the next expansion.

1.2.3 patch notes preview

Community Manager Dmg (@A_dmg04) was also at the GuardianCon event and revealed some interesting details about update 1.2.3 that will go live on July 17.

He did it in a manner where he revealed a patch note whenever a certain amount of donations were reached. The game tweaks that will be dropped on that date include:

  • Escalation Protocol weapon reward changes will be more deterministic (Improved chances everytime players defeat the EP boss)
  • Players will have the ability to preview both Spawn FX and Sparrow contrails in the inventory
  • Commas will be added to large numbers as separators on both IGCR and PGCR
  • The Recoil of hand cannon A Cold Sweat, will be fixed
  • Exotic catalyst for Sturm may be obtained by defeating enemies on Nessus.
  • The removal of Momentum from Heroic Adventures
  • Mercury Forge weapons will be available as a direct purchase from Brother Vance once they are all obtained.
  • Iron Banner events will use Iron Template fire pits as capture zones, instead of Control Flags

Meanwhile, Game Informer rolled out another “Forsaken” gameplay video, where it featured the Tangled Shore. There was a part of the clip where a tilted SIVA logo can be seen. This somewhat confirms that a SIVA is included in the DLC’s storyline.