It’s no doubt, the widely popular open-world survival game "Conan Exiles" has achieved a huge gaming performance, selling over a million copies in just a few months. It’s a huge success for the Norwegian game developer, Funcom.

Last week, Funcom announced that its latest title "Conan Exiles" has finally left its early access program and has officially released to all gaming platforms, which include PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The popular survival game is now available on all gaming platform.

This week, Funcom is making more big news for the players of the survival game.

The developer has had another interesting conversation with some media people. In a recent interview, Funcom's creative director, Joel Bylos, talked more about the game’s latest launch, updates, thralls, new maps and more. The director also explained how the game differs from another successful action-adventure survival game, "Ark: Survival Evolved." Ark is the fifth best-selling title for the Xbox One console, selling over 1.5 million copies.

Funcom talks more about its game and 'Ark: Survival Evolved'

Funcom’s creative director, Joel Bylos, said that the gameplay is directly inspired by another successful survival title, "Ark: Survival Evolved." But the main narrative of the story and the world-building things are inspired by Robert E.

Howard’s best seller, which made its first film adoption in the 1982 hit film "Conan The Barbarian." That film, which featured Hollywood superstar and veteran Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been a blockbuster hit for the movie industry.

Some of the discussion during the interview included more detailed information about the new combat system, maps, biomes, gaming environment, in-game slavery, NPCs and more.

As mentioned earlier by gaming website Dualshockers, the new combat system has been designed to provide players with much better gaming experience and a new look. In the new combat system, players will now be able to combine heavy and light attacks in combo sequences. Additionally, humanoid NPCs will also perform combos.

When asked about some discrepancies between the nudity option on gaming platforms and regions, Bylos explained that in some regions, like for example, in North America, console players will see only partial nudity, while on PEGI and USK territories (mostly Europe) players will see full nudity.

But on PC there are no restrictions.

Bylos also discussed how "Conan Exiles" different from “Ark: Survival Evolved.” He said that "Ark: Survival Evolved" takes the survival game into new directions. The director also explained that it was the action-adventure survival game (Ark) that inspired Funcom to take some action and change direction, which ultimately helped the company from going out of the gaming business.

More servers coming

In other Funcom-related stories, the developer said that it plans an additional 300 official servers in the next few days. These new servers will cover all regions and all gaming platforms. In addition, Funcom will also introduce PvE Conflict servers for the South America and Oceania region.

Funcom is currently working on performance improvements, crash fixes, and QoL improvements. Players could expect to see some of those changes on TestLive in the next few days. To learn more about those servers, check out the studio’s official website.