Studio Wildcard has recently teased that an upcoming event is on the horizon for "ARK: Survival Evolved" as they hinted that it will bring in some fresh contents for the game.

The game developer also rolled out their latest installment of its Community Crunch blog post as it detailed some changes concerning in-game structures and the introduction of a new type of server - Small Tribes.

According to the recent blog post, Wildcard revealed that they are slated to release a game tweak that will make changes to their current structure decay settings.

They further explained that they are changing some criteria on what they can consider as a viable minimum base or set of structures adding that these will rapidly decay if the soon to be implemented criteria are not be met. The structures that are deemed as such will either be destroyed by hand or be wiped by servers whenever they are loaded/leave stasis.

The reason behind the change

According to Wildcard, their aim for this looming game tweak is to reduce this so-called structure spamming issues (i.e. pillar and foundation spam) that usually happen whenever players try to either claim or grief some locations in both of "ARK's" PvE and PvP game maps. Furthermore, the developer added that they intend to dish out several more adjustments to this spamming issue as they try to resolve this.

Small Tribes server details

As mentioned, the latest Community Crunch also announced that the first wave of servers known as Small Tribes will go live today on all platforms.

These servers will only have a maximum of six players as alliances will not be allowed. However, rates on these servers will be buffed as it was stated that its taming, harvest, and experience rates will be tripled adding that these will not be affected by Evolution Events. Additionally, its maturation, gestation and egg hatching rates will be doubled on the said server.

There's also a 50 percent reduction on its mating interval once these servers go live.

Wildcard pointed out though that these servers will have a trial run of 60 days and if these are well-received by the game's player base, the developer will keep it up and running. Nevertheless, if the population turn out is very low, Wildcard will be replacing it with a new game mode and server type donning the same test period. Jat (@Jatheish) from the dev team, on the other hand, recently tweeted that these servers will be clustered starting with six, one for each map and an additional island.

Meanwhile, "ARK's" yet to be revealed big event is just days away as Wildcard hinted that they'll be spilling some details about what's coming in the game in the middle of the month. In the meantime, check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: