Studio Wildcard has officially revealed "ARK: Survival Evolved's" next downloadable content dubbed "Extinction" though a minute-long teaser trailer. The developer even revealed some additional information about the recent video and what can its player base expect from the upcoming expansion.

Wildcard stated in their latest blog post that "Extinction" is "by far their most ambitious project yet." That said, the game developer recently sat down with PC Gamer to further explain what the new stuff is that was spotted in the new video.

New creatures teased

Early on in the trailer, a Drake-looking creature with teleporting abilities was seen having some sort of scuffle with the T-Rex. It was then revealed that it is known as an Enforcer and it was further explained that it's a synthetic dinosaur that can leap, climb walls, and strafe using that ability. Wildcard added that it will be deemed as a ridable dino whenever players acquire the creature. They're not yet sure though if the lizard will be tamable or can be obtained by crafting, as they are still working on some other details in the upcoming DLC.

Next is the massive creature that was seen in the latter part of the teaser. Simply known as the Titan, it was stated that these behemoths will be the DLC's mini-bosses (imagine the size of the final boss then) adding that they will be a tamable species.

Players who feel that they can beat these monsters will have to search for them in the game's dungeon levels as Wildcard revealed that they are not free-roaming creatures. The devs went on stating that defeating these mini-bosses will require more strategy rather than dealing damage to it.

Meanwhile, a dossier of a so-called Gasbag was posted on Wildcard's new blog post.

As its name suggests (though it's still subject to change), the slug-looking creature will serve as a living, breathing bag that allows players store resources that they find along the way. Once they've gathered enough resources, these Gasbags can be inflated like a balloon as players can hop on its back to ride and navigate it while the slug is being propelled by the ejected air that it sucked in early on.

Upcoming items

New items were also teased by Wildcard. These are:

  • Scout – remotely piloted by players to do some recon work
  • Item Balloon (the name is also subject to change) – its usage is pretty much similar to that of the Gasbag
  • Cryopod – allows players to freeze their creatures in ice cube form and carry them around like Pokemon

"ARK: Survival Evolved's" "Extinction" DLC is slated to go live November 6.