Rumors are spreading all over the web about a new "Grand Theft Auto" game, which would be the sixth game in the series. The video game series is one of the best in gaming, with all of the entries selling many copies. The franchise is known for its addictive gameplay, weapons, great story, and the vast open world. Rockstar has been working on "Red Dead Redemption 2," so it would be completely unexpected for a new "GTA VI" to be on the horizon. Below are the details on what has prompted the rumored possibility of a new "GTA" game. Information pertained to this article was found in articles from Comic Book and Game Revolution.

In-game message

According to Comic Book "There's a suspicious message popping up in GTA Online that's telling players that the sixth Grand Theft Auto game is releasing in 2019.[sic]" This is what has caused all the noise for the possibility of a new game in the successful series. The message has appeared on the game's live service saying "GTA VI Coming 2019.[sic]" People are unsure if it is credible information, even though clicking on it results in a visit to Rockstar's website. By the look of it from the pictures, it looks pretty convincing.

Rumors at this point

At this point, the possibility that another "GTA" game releasing next year is slim to none, as the studio is getting ready to release "Red Dead Redemption 2.

" The studio is as busy as they can get at the moment and releasing another successful video game franchise entry would be ridiculous. It would make sense for the studio to announce a new game after "Red Dead Redemption 2" is finished, as it is still months away from being released to the public. The game will be a follow up to the wild west old school style game.

The announcement could be from a hacker or a mod, as Game Revolution reports that a "GTA 6 message has apparently only been appearing on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions of GTA Online...which means there's a high possibility of this being the work of a hacker.[sic]" So there could be a big chance that a hacker is just having fun with everyone and getting everyone's hopes up for nothing.

"GTA Online" has been filled with mods, but it has been successful as new content is added regularly to gamers.

It has been a while since fans have seen a new entry in the series, as "GTA 5" arrived back in 2013. But the game has also arrived on modern platforms such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Game Revolution reports that the most recent game sold "a whopping 95 million copies as of May 2018." "GTA" has a bunch of loyal fans and a huge fanbase, as people just simply love the video game franchise for its satisfying violence, freedom, character-driven story, and fun it provides by allowing users to visit other places in the game. Fans will hold on, hoping that a new "GTA" game will arrive in the near future, as Rockstar has claimed that the whole thing is just a hoax after all.