Capcom has added new contents for "Resident Evil 2" that will differentiate itself from the original title in PlayStation 1 console. The company's Brand Manager Mike Lunn told GamingBolt that the development team will introduce new puzzles and combat changes to challenge players and increase the fear factor.

The Japanese game publisher revealed 'RE2' at the Electronic Entertainment Expo event as players will take them back to Raccoon City during the T-Virus outbreak. They will reassume the roles of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they escape the zombie-infested town, fight-off bioweapons, and solve the mystery behind the outbreak.

New contents for 'Resident Evil 2'

According to GamingBolt, Mike Lunn stated that "Resident Evil 2" will not be a complete remake of the original game as they added new factors that will top its foundation and surpass its expectations. Capcom's goal was to make it "fresh" for the video game fans while retaining the classic feel from the original.

In order to give players a clearer view of the changes for the game, Lunn explained that they changed some of the puzzles and encounters from the original title. For instance, Leon's first encounter with the Licker monster, wherein he saw it outside of the window, instead of the ceiling.

The location for three medallions from the Raccoon City Police Department have been altered to challenge players into exploring the areas.

In the E3 2018 demo, Leon will need the combat knife to open the fuse box for the building's east wing area to get the first medallion.

Lunn also added that they wanted players to be scared and be surprised by these changes for a better experience when playing "RE2" in the current video game platforms.

Changes in 'RE2's' Combat

"Resident Evil 2" will feature an over-the-shoulder camera view from "Resident Evil 4" during combat situations. The camera view has become a standard to previous titles, however, producers Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Tsuyoshi Kanda told Gamereactor (via Gamepur) that it will not function that same way.

They explained that "RE4" was an action game and the new "RE2" will retain the same survival-horror ques from the original. Capcom stated that there will be changes for Leon and Claire's campaign stories, but they will still follow the same format from the previous title. Hunk and Tofu will be playable characters in the game, and they add classic boss monsters like the mutant alligator and Mr. X.