The latest updates for "Mega Man 11" reveal two new game modes and boss character, Blast Man. Capcom posted more details about them on their unity website as they give video game fans tips on how to defeat the new Robot Master and their reward for beating him.

The new sequel will feature Mega Man stopping Dr. Wily's latest plot to conquer the whole world. Wily rediscovered his old research called "Double Gear System" and plans to use it to power-up his army. Dr. Light was able to gather his rival's research and tries to incorporate it into the Blue Bomber's circuits.

Capcom will launch the game on October 2 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the PC.

Blast Man boss battle

Blast Man is the third boss character in "Mega Man 11" joining Fuse Man and Block Man, and players will have a tough time handling him and his bombs.

According to Capcom-Unity, players will encounter him at an abandoned theme park/movie studio stage. The Robot Master is described as having a penchant for the "theatrics" and short temper based on his character design. His stage will feature exploding mini-bots, fireball-launching enemies, and volatile boxes making tricky and challenging for the players.

As they progressed in the stage, players will encounter Sniper Joe as sub-boss before getting to Blast Man and he uses strong shields to push them around.

Players must make use the Power Gear to defeat Sniper Joe in battle and they must avoid roller coasters containing blast bots.

Blast Man fights the players using explosive bombs and getting hit by them will cause serious damage. When pushed to his limit, the Robot Master will activate his Power Gear to create giant-sized blast bombs to obliterate the players.

However, his movements are more erratic and they can use it to their advantages.

Once the players defeated Blast Man, they are rewarded with a new ability called "Chained Blast," which allows Mega Man to fire bombs that stick to enemies. He can fire multiple bombs and trigger all at once causing massive damage, and they can increase its firepower with Power Gear.

Time Attack and Balloon Attack Modes

Capcom has added two new game modes in "Mega Man 11" and they are "Time Attack" and "Balloon Attack." WCCFTech reported that Time Attack will allow players to revisit previous stages and provide the best time to finish it. Balloon Attack will feature enemy units being replaced by balloons on a certain stage. The goal is to fire the blue balloons, avoiding the red ones and finish it with the quickest time.

Finally, the sequel will feature a new crafting system that will help Mega Man during battle. Using drop bolts, Dr. Light can create new power-ups and permanent upgrades for the Blue Bomber, increasing his fighting prowess and the Double Gear System.