According to “Pokemon GO” Niantic, the aim of the Community Day event is to encourage players worldwide to meet in their local parks and play together. The regular event helps players earn new bonuses while playing the game and features a special Pokemon which learns a new charge move. Sometimes it features its Shiny variant and evolution.

June 'Pokemon GO' Community Day event

The June Community Day event featured the Rock and Ground Type Generation One Pokemon, Larvitar, on Saturday, June 16. The event also offered bonuses such as three-hour lure modules and 3X the normal catch XP.

The first event was held in January with Pikachu, the second featured Dratini in February, and the third featured Bulbasaur in March. The fourth event featured Mareep in April, while the fifth featured Charmander in May.

July ‘Pokemon GO’ Community Day event

Recently, “Pokemon GO” Niantic revealed the date for the July Community Day. According to Express, the event will take place on July 8 and will feature Squirtle as the special Pokemon of the day. Squirtle will spawn in the wild and will earn an exclusive move known as Hydro-cannon. This exclusive powerful charge attack move does high amounts of water damage. Hopefully, there might be an increase in the shiny version of Squirtle cropping up during the event.

However, we are not yet sure if players will be able to evolve Squirtle into a Blastoise during the event.

Well, it seems “Pokemon GO” Niantic has something new to offer this time. Players will be given the chance to catch Squirtle sporting glasses, which is known to be its trademark. This will be a very rare offer for players who achieve Research Breakthrough.

In addition to the rare monster that will be featured during the event, "Pokemon GO" Niantic will reward players with other bonuses such as three-hour lure modules, quarter hatch distance for Eggs, extra Stardust and bonus candy for Egg hatching.

According to Gamespot, some players aren’t happy with the monster "Pokemon GO" Niantic has chosen to feature in the July event because lots of Squirtle were spawned in high numbers during the Water Festival event.

According to players, there are other better Water Type choices such as Gyarados, Vaporeon, and the Legendary Kyogre. Nevertheless, everyone is wondering if the sunglasses will remain on Squirtle if “Pokemon GO” Niantic finally decides on including its evolution during the event.