According to Niantic, the "Pokemon GO" Community Day event is a monthly mini-event introduced to encourage players around the globe to gather in their local parks, play together, and make new friends. The event features special Pokemon and their Shiny Variants with an exclusive move and offers special bonuses such as Stardust, Double XP, Triple XP, and Lure Modules. Although Stardust is a resource often neglected by players, it is one of the most vital resources in the game. It is used to evolve and power up Pokemon, which strengthens them.

The previous Community Day events were interesting

So far, "Pokemon GO" has had a series of Community Day events. It held the first event in January and featured Pikachu as its special Pokemon. Players caught super rare Shiny Variants of the yellow Pokemon, which knew Surf as its charge move. The second event was held on February 24 and featured the three-stage evolution of Dratini with the Dragon-type move known as Draco Meteor. Players who evolved their Dratini during the event hours got the most out.

The third event, which held on March 25, featured the Grass-type Starter Pokemon known as Bulbasaur. It knew the powerful high damage to bar charge move known as Frenzy Plant. Players were opportune to evolve their Bulbasaur into Venusaur during the event.

Also, they had an increased chance of catching a Shiny Bulbasaur and Venusaur for the first time in the history of the game.

The fourth event, which held on April 15, featured the Electric-type sheep known as Mareep with a Dragon Pulse move. Players who remained active throughout the event evolved their Mareep into its final form Ampharos.

The fifth "Pokemon GO" Community Day celebration featured the Fire-type Pokemon known as Charmander, and players evolved it into Charizard before the end of the event.

What to expect in the sixth event

According to Express, the sixth Community Day event will be held on June 16. The June event will feature the Rock-type monster known as Larvitar.

During the event, Larvitar will spawn more than normal and players might encounter Shiny Variants of the Pokemon. According to Game Spot, players who are lucky enough to evolve into Tyranitar before the end of the event will watch it learn Smackdown as its exclusive move.

Apart from the increased Larvitar spawns, players will get other resource bonuses such as Stardust, Triple XP, and three-hour Lure Modules. While players await the June Community Day event, which will begin Saturday, they can still get the most out of the ongoing Water Festival event.