The game "Fortnite" continues to evolve, as Epic Games dropped a new update (V4.5), where it introduced a new Limited Time Mode, the Dual Pistol, and a heap of upcoming cosmetics and features that were discovered in the game files. Data miners have examined some of the leaked intel and found some interesting stuff about what's likely going to happen in the game's Battle Royale version.

The data mining duo of @TwoEpicBuddies took to Twitter yet again to point out something interesting in one of the upcoming Back Blings, known as the Cluefinder. They took notice of the small notepad that was attached alongside the said cosmetic, as it contained some scribbled notes and a sketch of what could be a dinosaur footprint.

The Leviathan 50v50 LTM

This made them believe that the previously leaked Leviathan 50v50 LTM may actually come to fruition in "Fortnite" BR. They further theorized that the massive rocket in Snobby could be a weapon to bring down the yet to be seen behemoth. Players might recall an old post, from way back, detailing the events that are going to happen at the tail end of Season 4. Per the alleged leak, this Leviathan LTM will be some sort of a tweaked 50v50 mode, where a member of one team will take control of the monster while the opposing team will do whatever they can to stop it from reaching its destination of either Wailing Woods or Greasy Grove. The leak also stated that lives will be infinite in this game mode, though players will be barred from building structures.

They also tweeted out that a few of the data mined audio files have some hidden Easter eggs within them, as one showed a skull (which is the shape of the villains' lair), while the other has a series of digits and characters. Epic Buddies then claimed in the succeeding tweets that they have figured out what these codes meant and revealed that these are coordinates for Moisty Mire and a so-called highest hill.

A map extension?

Another data miner - @FNBRLeaks – also took to Twitter to show what he dug up.

If the game files are anything to go by, it looks like the Battle Royale map will either get a massive update or an extension. Whatever the turnout is, this will definitely get "Fortnite" fans hooked on the game even more.

Meanwhile, at the time of writing, Epic had announced that the new Playground LTM will remain under maintenance, adding that they'll have more information on June 28. Let's just hope that everything will be fixed by then.