A lot of new cosmetics were leaked as soon as “FortniteSeason 5 went live and some of them have already been introduced into the game. However, it has been discovered that some of the items might be exclusives in some countries.

A few days prior to the release of season 5, the data miner known as Sudanym (@sud4nym) came out with an announcement, from a Chinese company called Tencent, that has something to do with “Fortnite.” The teaser image seems to suggest that something’s coming on July 24 as it also showed the Rex outfit and Tencent’s mascot.

It was initially speculated that the game will be getting Chinese servers. However, it can be recalled that the game already has servers on that part of the globe.

The game’s subreddit, on the other hand, stated that “Fornite” will be heading to Android devices adding that they’ll be having a sticky post with an official announcement and instruction on how to get in. Nonetheless, they are not allowing the discussion of the Android-specific version of the game on the subreddit.

Exclusive Back Blings and Glider

Going back to the exclusive cosmetics, it was found out that a couple of these leaked Back Blings – the Penguin and the Insignia – will be WeGame exclusives including one of the Gliders.

This was the conclusion of the leaker as he discovered two official announcements coming from the game company. He pointed out though that the Modern Glider can be bought in the store for 500 V-Bucks but the item will be free for WeGame subscribers. The data miner also claims that the “Fortnite” default skins (no skins) on the said platform are very much different as compared to the ones in the U.S., though he was not able to post screenshots of these outfits.

The Penguin is basically QQ’s mascot while the Insignia show’s WeGame’s logo. For the uninitiated, QQ is an instant messaging software that was developed by Shenzhen Tencent Computer System. WeGame is also under Tencent’s wing as it is China’s answer to Steam. It was also learned that this digital distribution platform also helped “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG) to have its Android version.

“Fortnite” fans are now musing whether these cosmetics will be made available in the U.S. If not, some of them are planning to use a virtual private network to visit the site on the date of its release.

Tactics Showdown hints

Meanwhile, Sudanym also tweeted out what could be a loading screen for an upcoming Limited Tined Mode in the game dubbed as Tactics Showdown.

Epic has to confirm, however, if this was indeed for the LTM and if such game mode will ever be rolled out in the game.