Nintendo E3 made gaming headlines today with the announcement of several big releases. "Super Smash Brothers Ultimate" was one of the announced games and it will be released on December 7, 2018 on the Nintendo Switch according to

Every character that has been in the previous four "Super Smash Brothers" games will be in the new game, in addition to some new characters. This includes all Nintendo characters, Pokemon, and third-party characters. Even characters that were just featured in one of the four games will be in the new game. Popular additions like Solid Snake, Little Mac, Roy, and Mega Man are all back -- as announced in one of the trailers.

The new characters

Nintendo confirmed that the inklings from the popular "Splatoon" series, as well as one of gaming's best villains -- Ridley from the "Metroid" universe -- will indeed be playable characters. "Splatoon" is still fairly new compared to most other popular game franchises, but it has been a massive hit with Nintendo fans. With its popularity, Nintendo can take advantage and appeal to an even bigger audience.

As for Ridley, he has been left out of previous "Smash" games as a playable character, though was first featured in the adventure mode of "Super Smash Brothers Brawl" as a boss.

According to a report by IGN in 2014, Nintendo left Ridley out as a playable character because a lot of alterations would have had to be made for the creature to fight alongside normal-sized characters. It seems like they have figured out a way to finally include Ridley in the game.

The great return of classic characters

Having every single character return in the game will finally give fans a reason to not be disappointed in the fact that one of their favorites is not included in the game.

One of the trailers even showed every character as they appear in the new game. It seems that some returning characters will be altered in terms of their powers and moves, and may have additional ones added to their repertoire. Certainly, more details will be coming in that regard.

Last but not least, according to both Engadget and IGN, the game will indeed support old Nintendo GameCube controllers for those who loved using them for "Super Smash Brother Melee" and "Super Smash Brothers Brawl." After the failure of the Nintendo WiiU, the Switch, which has already been much more successful, looks to bring the most exciting "Smash Brothers" game yet.