The latest updates for the "Spider-Man" PS4 video game reveal new details on its development. Insomniac Games shared many of their development secrets during a live stream session (via DualShockers), and they talked about the importance of being Spider-Man and Peter Parker in the game's incredible storyline.

Video game fans and Marvel fans also want to see Miles Morales become a playable character in the game just like Mary Jane Watson. Miles Morales first debut in the "Ultimate Spider-Man" comics and he has become one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe.

Peter Parker/Miles Morales dynamic

According to Insomniac Games, Miles Morales knows Peter Parker from his neighborhood and has volunteered to help May Parker in Martin Li's homeless shelter. While the story is all about Peter Parker's struggles of balancing a normal life and being a hero, the game's plot will also explore the dynamic between him and Miles.

The developers explained that their relationship is one of the most important aspects of the plot. Insomniac admitted that Miles was not supposed to be part of the game, but they needed a new element for Peter's character development.

With Miles Morales added to "Spider-Man's" storyline, will video game and Marvel fans see him as a playable character in the game soon?

In the comics, Miles gain his powers from a different genetically enhanced spider. He has the same abilities as the web-slinger but has developed his own set of powers such as electric stingers and camouflage cloaking. His universe's Peter Parker died during his battle with the Sinister Six and had assumed his mantle to honor his legacy.

What we know so far

The new gameplay trailer from the Paris Game Week event revealed that Martin Li is the new Kingpin of New York's criminal underworld after Wilson Fisk was sent to prison. Spider-Man and the police are working together to stop his organization and their plans to take over the city.

Mary Jane Watson will be a playable character, and she works as a journalist at the Daily Bugle.

She stumbles upon one of Li's plans called "Devil's Breath, " and she collaborates with Peter to stop him. Her gameplay style will involve stealth and take photographs.

The game will also feature two of Spidey's notorious enemies, Norman Osborn and Shocker. Noman is being re-elected as New York's mayor, while Shocker sports a new suit and fights the web-slinger in a possible boss battle.