The latest updates for the "Spider-Man" PS4 video game reveal more details about its web-swinging mechanics, character roles, and exciting bonus costumes. Insomniac Games has officially announced that the game will launch on September 7 for the PlayStation 4 console along with pre-order DLC items and a collector's edition.

Insomniac Games game director Ryan Smith and creative director Bryan Intihar discussed the important steps on how they made Spidey look good in the game in terms gameplay and story during an interview with Game Informer. The "Spidey" title will feature Peter Parker defend the city against a new threat while trying to have a normal life.

Web-swinging looks good

According to Ryan Smith and Bryan Intihar, the first thing they did with the "Spider-Man" video game was the web-swinging mechanics as they told Game Informer that they have tailored button inputs whenever Peter is in mid-air and accentuate the amount of time he swings.

Video Game fans will expect that Peter will not be crashing into walls like a novice and instead will see a fluid transition of how he web-swings to the city with ease and grace. Players will see how he catapults himself off the ground and engaging in numerous free-walls for an extra boost.

"It's the number one thing we knew we had to get it right. It's the first thing we ever worked on in terms of building a Spider-Man game, " Smith said.

"It's all come together in terms of prototype to now you really get the sense of speed with the visual effects that are there."

In addition, players will notice that Spidey's webs will not stick to imaginary buildings or walls. If they want to see him high above the skyscrapers, they will have to latch onto a building to keep the momentum going.

What's new in the game?

Brian Intihar stated that the "Spider-Man" video game will have its own crafting system to upgrade Peter's abilities and arsenal as the story progresses. The game will not have a microtransaction feature and Intihar teased that Mary Jane Watson and Miles Morales will have important roles in the plot.

Mary Jane will be a playable character in the game and her gameplay will involve stealth and photography about Mister Negative's criminal activities.

Miles will be introduced in the story helping Peter's aunt May Parker run the homeless shelter.

Intihar also teased more Spider-Man costumes in the game. Three costumes are already teased in its pre-order content and Spider-Punk was the first outfit revealed.