The latest updates for "Overwatch" reveal gameplay features and changes for Symmetra in the popular online shooter. Blizzard Entertainment posted a new development update video for "Overwatch" as the game's director, Jeff Kaplan explains the use these social features and how it will affect the players' interaction with one another online.

The new update will also see the gameplay changes of Symmetra in the Public Test Realm after the development team changed her character role from support to defense. While some video game fans are not happy about the reversal of roles, Blizzard Entertainment will assure them that Symmetra will be a more formidable character in the game.

Social features in 'Overwatch'

According to Jeff Kaplan, "Overwatch" will have two new social features in the next patch update and these are "Endorsements" and "Looking for Group." The Endorsements allow players to recognize gameplay behaviors from other players whether it be from their team, or their opponents. They are highlighted into three categories: Sportsmanship, Good Teammate, and Shot Caller. Players who can maintain these categories will periodical rewards, however, Kaplan failed to explain what these rewards are.

The Looking for Group feature will have players form a team depending on their specific requirements. Players can restrict the roles they made and prevent other players from breaking them.

They can also tweak other options and use voice chat. Kaplan added that the second feature will not function as a matchmaking system, but a way to create their own group or invite and join another group.

Other gameplay features in the new "Overwatch" patch will include the ability to change profile statuses, Offense and Defense heroes are not categorized as "Damage," and new tweaks for the Horizon Lunar Colony map.

The changes on the map will allow players to discover more of Winston's past prior to the events of the Omnic Crisis and the formation of Overwatch task force itself.

Symmetra PTR

Kaplan announced that the Symmetra rework is now available for PTR in the PC version of "Overwatch" and PC users will now be able to experience the changes they made for her.

Some of Symmetra's changes include a new Ultimate move that allows her to activate a shield that covers the entire map. She can now throw her turrets with increase damage of 130 hit and a range of 30m/s. She can now use teleport easily without any strenuous effect.