"Fortnite Battle Royale" has been receiving constant updates ever since its release in September 2017. Epic Games has done a great job listening to the community and making necessary changes while also making the game feel fresh with new content. The popular battle royale video game looks much different now than it looked a few months ago, and it will keep changing.

Epic Games released 4.3 content update a few days ago, and while the initial update only brought a new trap for "Fortnite Battle Royale," the game developer has made a few more changes to it recently.

The latest changes are big and they will force players to change their playstyle. Many players are unhappy with these changes, but the good thing is that Epic Games will keep monitoring players' performance and feedback, and make even more changes if necessary.

Weapon balance changes

The biggest change players are unhappy with is the shotgun damage change. Pump and tactical shotguns had their headshot multiplier reduced from 2.5 to 2.0, and pump shotguns were nerfed to deal 80 and 85 damage. This means that one-shot pumping is no longer possible, and players can get one-shot eliminations only from bolt snipers and hunting rifles. Heavy shotguns were not affected by these changes.

Another big change was a trap buff.

Just a few weeks ago, Epic Games nerfed traps to deal 75 damage instead of 125. However, they buffed damage traps with the latest update, making them deal 150 damage. This change will force players to be more careful when entering buildings and pushing their enemies' bases.

Minigun has already received a buff. Its accuracy was increased by 10 percent and damage against structures was buffed to 30, up from 25.

C4 received an explosion radius buff as it was increased by 50 percent. Damage fall-off against structures was removed for rifles, pistols, submachine guns, and light machine guns.

Resource and ammo changes

On Tuesday, "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer announced a big change to supply llamas. Llamas contained 500 of each resource originally, but the change reduced this number to 200 of each resource.

Additionally, supply llamas no longer drop explosive ammo.

This wasn't the only change, however, as the game developer reduced the amount of resources players get from the floor loot. Spawn chance was reduced by 33 percent, and players now get 20 instead of 30 resources from the floor stacks. Explosive ammo availability was decreased by 50 percent as well. Finally, the game developer increased light ammo stack sizes from 12 to 18.