Epic Games has confirmed that a new Limited Time Mode, simply dubbed as Playgrounds, will soon go live in "Fortnite's" Battle Royale mode. It looks like the upcoming LTM will be tagging along with some new items if the recent data mined files are anything to go by. These data mined files were posted over on the FortniteBR subreddit by u/slenderguy2005, as he claims that these came alongside the Playground LTM assets. As mentioned, new items could be heading toward the game's BR mode, as some of them were already leaked a few months back.

Durrrables finally entering the game?

From the leaked intel, more grenades will be introduced in the game, namely the Beehive Grenade, Air Strike Grenade, and the Gas Grenade. Additional details about these new explosives were not disclosed though.

Durrrables (or Durrables?) were once again seen in the game files. One is suggestive of healing while the other hints of movement speed.

"Fortnite" BR fans might still remember the so-called Durrrables that were leaked early on. It looks like Epic Games has finally decided to drop these items in the game as it was believed back then to be replacing both the Med Kit and the Slurp Juice. 3D images of these items were even discovered in the game files, though it's still not certain if their looks will still be the same on their final renders when they are officially introduced.

For the uninitiated, these Durrrables are listed below.

  • Durrr Burger
  • Durrr Drink
  • Durrr Hot Sauce

A new foraged item – Chili Peppers - may be added in "Fortnite" BR. It looks like this spicy treat will grant a speed boost to players once it is consumed. Come to think of it, this could be a revised version of the above-mentioned Durrr Hot Sauce since both have the same effect.

Playground LTM features

Meanwhile, Dexerto noted that Epic has confirmed several features and buffs that will go live alongside the Playground LTM. Players can expect the features listed below.

  • Players will still be loaded to "Fortnite's" Battle Royale map with some tweaked settings.
  • Friendly Fire will present in the game mode.
  • The amount of time roaming the map will be extended.
  • Practicing/playing as a full squad will be allowed.
  • Players who will be eliminated will respawn instantly.
  • Llama spawns will be more frequent.
  • Ammo crates and Treasure Chests will be spawned.
  • Resource generation will be increased.

That said, it is expected that "Fortnite" players will be flooding the servers once again to experience the new game mode, and they're also quite worried that this might affect their gameplay.

Epic responded on the game's subreddit, stating that the playground fleet is different from the rest, as they are hoping that even if there are issues with the LTM once it is released, it will not impact the regular game.