Epic Games has just rolled out another update where it introduced a new item and a Limited Time Mode in "Fortnite's" Battle Royale mode. That said, new content will be heading toward the game's BR version as data miners have uncovered a couple more LTMs within the game files. Data miners @FNBRLeaks, @TwoEpicBuddies, and u/UppyGSY have recently brought to light two new LTMs that are likely to arrive in "Fortnite's" Battle Royale. If the data mined intel is anything to go by, the yet to be released game modes are dubbed as Tactics Showdown and Ground Game.

New LTMs under the pipeline

The mechanics of the games suggest that the Tactics Showdown encourages tactical combat and building with a catch. Epic will be putting a limit on the amount of ammunition and resources that players can carry during the match. It further explained that the structures that were built will start off with lesser health than normal, not to mention that eliminated players will also be dropping fewer resources. Pretty much the same thing goes for Ground Game. The main focus of the upcoming LTM if "fighting smart," as both Spray and Pay and Build Spamming are not options in the said game mode. Just like Tactics Showdown, players will be carrying less ammo and fewer resources during the match, as they can only use the natural cover the map has laid out and they have to make every shot count.

No ETAs as to when these LTMs will go live in "Fortnite" BR. However, since both are already in the game files, it won't be that long before these will be officially introduced in the game. The Battle Royale shooter's player base, on the other hand, is not quite impressed with this upcoming content. A lot of them are saying that these LTMs are very similar, as both ammo and resources on these game modes will be capped.

There are some though who believe that these upcoming game modes are just ways for Epic to be competitive with the title.

Stink Bomb, Final Fight goes live

Meanwhile, the latest game tweak has officially added the Stink Bomb in "Fortnite" BR.

The patch notes state that the new item will deal five damage every half second within the cloud. It has a nine-second duration and will come in epic rarity. Stinks Bombs can be obtained from chests, floor loot, and Vending Machines.

The previously leaked LTM, Final Fight, was also introduced. The new game mode will be similar to the typical Battle Royale, though the storm circle will stop after the third circle, triggering a timer. The team that has the highest number of members left after the time expires wins the match.