The much-awaited Playground LTM in "Fortnite" Battle Royale was immediately met with issues that made Epic Games to pull it out from the game to make the necessary fixes. While the dev team is working round the clock to put it back in the game, other issues pop up specifically to the new building in Tilted Towers.

A couple of Redditors over on the FortniteBR subreddit recently brought up a bug that players of the game are very familiar of. From the clips submitted, it looks like the notorious floor glitch is back in the game as it is pretty much evident at the new building in Tilted.

The most recent clip was posted by u/blackpinkk as it can be seen in the 18-second as to how the bullet simply went through the floor. It's also noticeable that the floor somewhat turned invisible when the play went underneath it. At the time of writing, the post has gained almost 3,000 upvotes as other members of the sub-claim that they too experienced the said bug.

Floor glitch/bug at Tilted

Prior to the said post, u/--DreadPirateRoberts provided a more detailed video about the issue. From the looks of it, the bug seemingly manifested within the same location, though this time, the other player really took advantage of it by setting up a trap.

Per the video, it showed the viewpoints of both the OP and the other player as the former was initially confused as to where the shots are coming from.

The latter, on the other hand, can be seen switching from a shotty to a Machine Gun as he began spraying the poor fellow with bullets.

Players believe that the Shopping Cart might be the culprit on this returning bug since it can be recalled that it got shelved and fixed by Epic before it was reinstated in the game. Other fans stated that such is not the case here since it can be seen in the two videos that no Shopping Carts were present, not to mention that u/blackpinkk's character simply went underneath the glitched floor.

However, someone commented that the said vehicle in "Fortnite" is still bugged.

On Playground LTM

Meanwhile, as of writing, Epic Games announced that the Playground Limited Time Mode is still not playable as they are continuing some tests to improve the game mode's matchmaking features.

They went on stating that they'll be issuing an update about the current state of the LTM in the coming days. In the meantime, "Fortnite" faithfuls can now enjoy the recently leaked Vertex outfit and the Apex Protocol Gear as they are now available in the game.