Epic Games has released over 10 limited-time game modes for "Fortnite Battle Royale" so far. It all started with the first 50v50 mode which was released in early December 2017. This was the first limited-time game mode and it had a lot of flaws, yet many players enjoyed it. Having something different from a classic battle royale experience was a welcome addition, and that is why "Fortnite" developer has released many other modes since then.

Despite Epic Games doing a great job with these special game modes, players of the popular battle royale game sometimes want something even more creative.

Recently, "Fortnite Battle Royale" players came up with an unofficial game mode, Protect the President. This unofficial mode is done in a squads playlist, and the main point of it is to protect one player at all costs.

New fan-made mode

Protect the President mode focuses on one player who is selected a president. Three other squad members must protect the president no matter what, and if the president dies at any point, the game is lost. This mode is best done in a regular squad playlist, but players can change some rules to make it more interesting.

Squad members can switch president roles in each match so every player has a chance to be both a president and the secret service agent. The mission is considered successful if the president is one of the survivors at the very end of the game.

Most players allow the president to use a pistol and consumable items. This way, the president can protect himself in extreme situations, but most of the job has to be done by the secret service. The point of the mode is to make the president vulnerable, but to successfully protect him. This is quite challenging and requires good players and great teamwork, so if you think your squad has what it takes to protect the president, try it out!

Ninja plays this mode

Ninja is one of the most popular "Fortnite Battle Royale" streamers and he is also a fan of this unofficial game mode. Just a few days ago, the video game streamer played this mode on his stream and he was a president. His squad members, who all used John Wick skins, managed to successfully protect him and win the game.

What made Ninja's stream entertaining is the fact that he and his teammates roleplayed while playing this mode. The video of his gameplay has received over 4.6 million views in a short period, and if you are interested to watch how he did it, you can play the video below.