Tyler Blevins – best known in the gaming world as Ninja – skyrocketed to fame when he played Epic Game's "Fortnite." However, the insanely skilled pro gamer's recent stream showcased him playing a newly released battle royale shooter from Hi-Rez Studios dubbed as "Realm Royale." Per his latest video, he played duos alongside an equally competent player – TimTheTatman, as both of them tried out what "Realm Royale" has to offer. As soon as they jumped off the zeppelin (equivalent to "Fortnite's" Battle Bus), both players may well seem to have felt the "Fortnite" vibe, as they consecutively stated that they both "smell a lawsuit."

However, it looks like fall damage is non-existent in the game as it can be observed on Ninja's landing (pretty much similar to how Iron Man lands).

A couple of similar occasions can be spotted during the match, but no such damage was incurred. Melees and special abilities are also present in the game, not to mention that there are five character classes to choose from (Ninja played as an assassin while TimTheTatman chose the warrior class). Both players also experienced summoning a mount (horse) that enabled them to move even quicker across the map.

Get knocked down and be a chicken dinner

"Realm Royale" has a unique way of knocking its players as it can be seen in the video that they turn into chickens which is somewhat of a jab to "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'" (PUBG) "winner, winner, chicken dinner." Running around and avoiding enemy fire for 30 seconds will eventually transform you back into your character.

Albeit being noobs to the game, the two still managed to snag quite a number of frags (a total of six to Ninja and 10 to TimTheTatman), thanks to their exceptional gaming skills.

At the time of writing, the said video has already raked in over five million views and it is pretty much expected that both Ninja and TimTheTatman's fan bases might as well be trying out the game themselves, as it is very much evident that both of them enjoyed playing the game.

It is also worth noting that "Realm Royale" is still in its alpha phase, so expect it to be a bit clunky and buggy.

Looks promising

Steam members, on the other hand, have already threw in their two cents about the game. It may well seem that the game has a bright future ahead of it, as 69 percent of the user reviews were all positive responses. However, the folks who downvoted the game only have one qualm about it – no solo mode. But hey, it's still in its early access and Hi-Rez will definitely do something about it.