The latest updates for "Fallout 76" reveal that the new title is rumored to be an online multiplayer game. Twitter username Nibel screenshot a post from an unnamed 4Chan user claiming that he knows something about Bethesda Softworks' latest entry to the post-apocalyptic game franchise. Gamerant also mentioned these leaks and rumors.

Reddit username SoMeh also revealed that Bethesda will likely announce a remastered version of "Fallout 3" at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo event. The game series centered on players controlling a survivor in the wastelands and must learn how to survive by creating weapons, building communities, and fending off mutants and marauding factions.

The first online 'Fallout' game

According to Nibel, the 4chan source stated that "Fallout 76" is an online multiplayer survival game with features similar to "Rust" and "DayZ." While video game fans are skeptical about the information since 4chan has been notorious for making up stories, it should be noted that this piece of information has the potential to change the franchise as a whole.

If Nibel's source was telling the truth, then players are looking at the first online multiplayer title in the "Fallout" franchise, Gamerant pointed out. Usually, the majority of the sequels and spin-offs are single-player based and will often rely on NPCs to aid them on missions.

But having another player watching their backs in the wastelands should have an interesting outcome as they can help each other and even communicate online.

Bethesda Softworks streamed the first teaser of the game as it featured the Vault 76 where the player's created avatar will start life in the post-apocalyptic wastelands.

The trailer also sees the residents of Vault 76 celebrating their "Reclamation Day" as the game will take place around West Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Player's will likely use the Pip-Boy gauntlet in the game.

'Fallout 3' remastered announcement

According to SoMeh, a leaked list of video game titles at E3 2018 contained a "Fallout 3 Anniversary" title and this led to video game fans to speculate that Bethesda Softworks is working on the remastered version of the third title.

Fans of the game franchise having been voicing out for remastered sequels and spin-offs with the third title and "New Vegas" being the most requested games among the bunch. Unfortunately, a "New Vegas" remastered will not happen anytime soon as its developer Obsidian Entertainment will not be involved in more "Fallout" games.