An unexpected trailer, from Bethesda, shocked and excited "Fallout" fans. "Fallout 76" looks like a different game than the fans are used to. While in most of the "Fallout" games there is normally an epic escape by the skin of our teeth with ruined clothing, a glitchy PipBoy, and fans then go searching for a family member or two; this game shows a different outcome from the survivor of vault 76. Vault 76 was mentioned in "Fallout 3" and "Fallout 4" as one of the 17 control vaults. These vaults included no experimentations, they are just a place for people to live.

'FallOut 76' story

According to the trailer [VIDEO] [VIDEO], provided by Polygon, fans are probably in West Virginia as the song "Country Roads" points out. On a television in the trailer, a man mentions that the people inside the vaults are now able to leave without any issues relating to the radiation, as it already dispersed. This is different from the other games. If you've played them you would know that the other games have you leave while the radiation is still very dangerous. In this game, we are supposed to repopulate the world and make it normal once again. Will the new game still have irradiated animals? Will fans still have a dog companion? If so, will the dog be irradiated, or will it be a normal breed once again?

Will fans be able to drink water without getting radiation poisoning? There are so many questions, though fans will have to wait until the game comes out to get answers.

'FallOut 76' theory

We might just return to a beautiful landscape rather than a wasteland. Or, fans may just make the wasteland beautiful again. Based on the trailer, the game's story is unknown.

It is hinted that fans will be repopulating the wastelands and be thriving in the new game. How this will work is unknown. Will fans grow crops and slowly end up developing a thriving city? Will the game actually use the in-game time and allow it to progress the world? According to Polygon, in "Fallout 4" Vault 76 was built inside the citadel where the Brotherhood of Steel set up headquarters at the end of the game.

The strangest part of the trailer for "Fallout 76" is there are no weapons shown. The setting looks completely domestic and calm, the song that is playing also has a calming effect. There are balloons and banners everywhere. The end of the trailer shows a large banner that reads: "Reclamation Day." While the terminal in "Fallout 4" says there are 500 occupants in vault 76, we only see one in the trailer -- the player character. Hopefully, fans will not have to wait too long for the release of the game.