The excitement is building as Football fans from all around the world are set to flock sports bars and other sports establishments to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018. This year’s FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia and luckily, for people who want to see the action first hand, Russia has loosened their usually tight visa restrictions.

Seizing on the unique opportunity to increase tourism, the Russian government has decided to make the country visa-free from June 4 to July 25. ETurbo News reports that now would be a good time to enjoy the country while visiting to watch football’s biggest event.

The only things that football (soccer for the Americans) fans need to get into the country are tickets to a match and their Fan IDs.

Unfortunately, this only helps fans who have already managed to get hold of a coveted ticket. Match tickets are already selling out fast according to the event organizers. In less than 24 hours, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) says that they have already allocated 356,700 tickets to fans all over the globe. The fans who bought the most tickets are from Russia, the U.S., Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Australia, Germany, China, and India.

The grand event kick-offs in Luzhniki Stadium on the 14th of June. The upcoming FIFA World Cup also signifies the start of another cherished football fan past-time—fantasy sports fans will begin their online leagues as well.

With football’s biggest tournament soon to be underway, fantasy sports competitions are hoping to acquire some new fans of their own.

Daily fantasy sports competitions going to be a big hit during FIFA season

Compared to standard fantasy sports, daily fantasy sports competitions aren’t played for the duration of a sports season but are held at accelerated rates.

Another key difference is that these fantasy sports competitions have a pot of money reserved for the winner of each tournament. Even more exciting about these tournaments is that almost anyone can play with prizes that could reach millions of dollars depending on the provider and the number of players involved.

It is a good opportunity to make money for companies who are looking to make a little extra by riding the hype behind the FIFA World Cup.

Of course, setting up shop as a fantasy sports provider is not as easy as it sounds but there are companies who offer intuitive platforms that can kickstart an e-gaming venture.

For instance, Global Daily Fantasy Sports, Inc. (TSX.V: DFS) is one of the industry leaders, offering a multi-tenant gateway that gives companies the opportunity to start their own fantasy league.

Global Daily Fantasy Sports differentiates itself from other providers thanks to innovative features that have proven popular with sports fans. The whole platform is a white-label solution and can be fully branded and customized. The platform also allows for liquidity sharing, enabling far larger competitions. Each operator also has complete control of their player database and wallet.

Massive fantasy sports league

What’s really exciting about the platform is that operators can also organize network events. These massive events will pull all players from a fantasy sports league into one major competition. Through these events, operators will be able to provide their players the chance to earn tempting prizes.

Football is one of the world’s most popular sports and it has begun to pick up steam in the United States. The World Cup represents the perfect opportunity for businesses to take advantage of this and create their own fantasy tournaments to attract sports fans. The technology Global Daily Fantasy Sports has created appeals to both sports fanatics and hobbyists which will help it capture a large target market.