You may recognize the name Hideo Kojima from the developer's involvement in the creation of the familiar game series "Metal Gear Solid." However, he's since parted ways with the production studio behind the series and has set out to follow his own gaming vision under Kojima Productions. It didn't take long for Kojima to announce his debut production, and, understandably, the news of the game has definitely riled up fans all around the globe. Whilst we don't know much about the game itself, here's what we can put together so far.

Kojima's debut game was revealed in 2016

Hideo Kojima took to the stage in 2016 at E3 to announce that his first game under the name of his new production studio would be entitled "Death Stranding" and he made no point to try to hide the big celebrity names that are involved in the cast. From the teaser trailer announcing the game's planned production that premiered at the convention itself, it was confirmed that the cast involves the likes of "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus and "Hannibal" star Mads Mikkelsen.

So far we know that Norman Reedus will star as the game's main protagonist -- whose name has been revealed as Sam -- who goes up against the main antagonist who is portrayed by, you guessed it, Mads Mikkelsen.

With such a dynamic cast already in the cards for the final game itself, fans are already going to be holding the studio to high expectations. In a somewhat surprising cameo, the Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro will also appear in the game -- seemingly due to his friendship with Kojima.

It's said to bring forth the 'future of gaming'

In a somewhat cryptic statement regarding the upcoming game's details -- according to -- Kojima said that "with Death Stranding, I’d like to offer the next step, the future of gaming." Whilst this doesn't give much away, it does give fans a good hint that Kojima is going to be expanding into new territory.

Furthermore, Norman Reedus previously praised the game's concept and dubbed it "mind-blowing" -- according to Screen Rant.

'Death Stranding' will be an open-world action game

It has been confirmed that "Death Stranding" is going to follow an open-world concept that offers a lot of freedom throughout an action-packed narrative. In a blog post released by Sony in reference to the content of the game, Kojima was still eager to keep things under wraps, but did go on to say that the game is best described as "an action game – an open world game, with a lot of freedom."

Whilst the game will mainly focus on a single-player narrative, its been revealed that there will be both online and co-operative play components.

Players will be able to interact with the environment, as well as computer-controlled characters.

It'll probably be released sometime in 2019

We haven't been provided with any definite timeframe regarding when the game will be released or when to expect further production details to be revealed, though we can assume that, at the latest, the game will be showcased in 2019. After the game's official announcement in 2016, Kojima did confirm in an interview with Tokyo Game Show that the game would be released prior to the 2020 Olympics, though an exact date was not specified.

So far, we know that the game is in production and that it will be released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but it seems that we're going to have to wait a few more months, as further details are expected to be revealed at E3 2018.